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  1. Well as an IT type who actually tried to buy the domain but was inexplicably denied at the final hour, i respectfully disagree. Ask before you making changes. It's pretty simple.
  2. No, I was above the threshold on messages---not Jeff, as my initial post explained. Messages that I would've liked to have hung on to even for nostalgic purposes, if nothing else. I wiped them all out so I could send my message though. And you're right about not being forced to stick around. I've only seen about 10 members total post anything here since the ownership change, so Im not sure how you quantify that as "most". Not that you held any open dialogue before making the changes anyway. That's not "whining". It's criticism of decisions you made in your own financial/creative design interests...on an ND forum supporting and discussing a team of which you are not even a fan. Good luck with that.
  3. Yeah I did that before and now it says Rocketsan "cant accept messages". This is all working out so well.
  4. Mike. I cant send PMs to anyone because it says my box is full. Ive deleted everything in there with no change.
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