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  1. Most prob havent realized those threads are started by bots..
  2. Don't hit that ignore button just yet. You're gonna want to see the golden nuggets he shits out next year when MF sheds the "play not to lose" approach we've suffered under since 2010. It's gonna be beautiful.
  3. Bwahahaha they were like 10th before they even hired that dipshit. Let's see how the '23 class shapes up after the tigers end up 4th in their own conference.
  4. You don't get to be part of the friendship club once it becomes apparent that Freeman can actually capitalize on the recruits he lands instead of watching them languish on the bench for whatever BS reason BK had.... He's doing just fine. Hung with a top 10 team in prime time in his one showing as head coach...working with BKs schemes. Recruiting like a Mfer and that will continue. The team loves him. The fans love him. I don't have social media so this isnt about how MF is being advertised. Youre the only one who still wishes that the uncircumcised walking dick was still our HC. We have tons of talent and a HC who would kill for his players. Sit back and prepare your bib for crow.
  5. ..and ads...and bots....but hey, there aren't any alternatives unless we just start a massive weekly zoom call
  6. Just tuck that win over Clemson without Trevor Lawrence under your pillow. Legend has it that a politician fairy fluent in cajun will leave you a spoonful of Massachusetts' finest jambalaya in exchange for your undying, unreciprocated allegiance.
  7. That's probably because he's never HAD a 21 point lead over a team with a small digit(s) next to their name. He has, however, managed to piss away multiple score leads on unranked opponents.
  8. Wow, I wonder what you saw in 2021 BK to expect his 2nd win over a top 10 team in 12 years. Esp considering we were missing our top player from both sides of the ball.
  9. I mean, you're free to find a new team to root for if you're so disappointed. Ask yourself this---do you think BK would've lost by 2 points to OSU in the bowl game? I don't. I think he would've lost by 2 scores. But yeah, we are gonna miss him.
  10. The coach with the most wins at ND, ladies and gentlemen.....is also the same coach with the most losses. And we aren't talking nail biters to good teams. We are talking blowouts to any decent team and losses to squads with 20% of ND's talent....usually at home. Can't wait to see how the "yeah we lost to Tennessee and Arkansas, but the Tigers are their Super Bowl" bullshit goes over in crawdad nation. He's not a great coach. He's an average coach who was given enough tenure for true, impartial Irish fans to learn he was a fraud long ago.
  11. GTFO there has been one constant since 2010 and his name isnt Tommy. It should be pretty clear to you that there are no assistants who are afforded any independent/critical thinking latitude when working under that idiot.
  12. No no, it's just supremely talented recruits who didn't pan out. Over 12 years. His system and approach were sound. Just look at the wild success of......errm....literally zero QBs under his shitty tutelage.
  13. Aside from those gems, he ruined twice as many highly coveted 4* QBs during his "era" here. Mentally, physically....you name it. I feel sorry for any 5* recruit who thinks that a fake accent and a complete ignorance surrounding what it takes to win in the SEC is going to do them any favors.
  14. Pretty sure BK has demonstrated over the past decade+ that the level of talent or bad luck wasn't the issue at hand. But you feel free to go ahead and be jealous. Walker will be entering the transfer portal and BK will be struggling to convince 3* QB scrubs at mid tier Ohio high schools to join his mardi gras of mediocrity in short order.
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