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  1. Totally agree with this. I feel better with this team playing OSU than at any other point in the last 20 years. ESPN wants what will bring the ratings. Alabama will be in when they beat Florida. OSU is in because of historic performance. That leaves two spots. BYU is not a sexy pick. Clemson will likely win the rematch so they get in. Who's the other ratings generator? The sexy choice is ND. Alabama vs. ND and OSU vs. Clemson. The percentage of viewership would be almost as high as Elvis appearing on Ed Sullivan.
  2. I'd love to see an ICON video or some special on just Balis. His personality is contagious and listening to his voice alone makes me want to start lifting again. Everyone is right though, we have men now and love seeing the before and afters! Reminds me of NCAA2012 when it would tell you how much your player developed since camp IIRC.
  3. The whole team will be a little fatigued but still far better than BC. I'm looking to our O Line. Lean on the hoggies to dominate the LOS and allow the rush attack to takeover the game. I'd like to see Kyren out by the 3rd quarter. Rest the Bellyman and get Tyree and C'Bo some carries. I expect 150+ out of Kyren because of long runs and 100+ for Tyree.
  4. From what I saw of the Houston St. Louis game, I feel like a lot of the offenses are just guys going out there and balling. I don't get the sense they are technically sound or cohesive as a team. Which I would not expect just two weeks into a new league. Really like the defensive play and kick returns! I'm hoping the funds are there to make it stick. The AAF had some positive aspects. I find an interesting aspect was when a qb threw an interception, the sideline report went up to the bench and interviewed him. I understand why it'd be detrimental to the player perhaps but as a viewer, I enjoy the candid reaction after such a big play.
  5. Just the other day there was a piece in the South Bend Tribune how ND needs to take their endowment and "save" South Bend. There is a serious lack of knowledge regarding endowments. It's not just a giant savings account that you can write a check for anything from. There is a legal component that ensures it goes to the area it is supposed to be directed. The University can't take an endowment meant for the band and give it to the football team. It works much like how our government funds are allocated to certain line items. When Notre Dame wins a national title, I guarantee the endowment will grow. It won't double. Success breeds success whether it be recruiting or funds. Look at the new deal ND has with Fanatics. When you're successful there is a desire to be a part of that and make more money off it.
  6. This is the attitude we ought to have. Tommy is here for better or for worse. Tommy is Notre Dame. His story will always be intertwined with ND. He will fight for his Alma Mater. We need to support this decision because it is what we have for the next 2-3 years. I for one want to continue the success we have right now and strive for the next level. Kelly had a lot at stake by choosing Reesus. If the team sinks, Kelly's last years are remembered as crap and any form of legacy is tainted. Tommy may walk out relatively unscathed but he does love this university and wants to do everything he can to give back what it gave to him.
  7. The way I understood it was there was a hesitancy within the admin regarding why Moorehead was let go. After the Chip Long issue, Moorehead was not seen as a good fit internally.
  8. At the end of the day the OC was never going to be someone that ran "their" offense because of Kelly's personality. He tried handing the reigns over to Chip Long. There's a reason there was nearly a mutiny within the offensive staff. Chip Long was toxic for the program with many parents and his players too. Tommy isn't the pushover many of you think he is. He knows when to pick his battles and is a very intelligent person. This isn't his offense however. He is going to recruit at a high level, he is going to focus on making Book a smarter player making adjustments at the LOS, and he will put a better emphasis on pushing the ball downfield and getting the run game back on track. BTW, we will not lose to Wisconsin! We will be 11-1 next year.
  9. Great opportunity for Rees. Hope he takes full advantage of it. Forget the naysayers and the people making the most noise. He's a smart kid, relates well with the players and other coaches, and has the best understanding of Kelly's offense outside of Kelly. Just hope he remembers to run the ball when it's raining!!!
  10. Agree with a lot of that. I definitely would want a younger, energetic coach to replace him when the time comes. To be fair to Kelly, and this is no excuse, many fans have written off our ability to recruit in the top 5. Reading and hearing about the attitude around the assistants though, there is a renewed belief Notre Dame is actually close to being a top 5 program. While I wish that belief would've been present earlier, I am happy it is here at all now.
  11. I would advise folks to back off with the Rees put downs. He is not the pushover a lot of you folks think he is. Word around town is he is very active in meetings and has made the push to try and get the ball down field. He has a lot of credibility with Kelly and Kelly isfar more open to listen to Rees ideas than Long ideas. The divide between Kelly and Long has been not been overnight. There has been back room grumblings for a while now.
  12. Since moving here, the impression I get is that each sport has little connection as far as the inner-workings. Men's basketball does not know the secrets of the fencing squad. Each coach has their own data point of where they are regarding their shortcomings personally and professionally. Muffett has an exceptional reputation on campus. With all of that said, I have no reason to believe that our programs don't run clean. Most of the coaches are highly thought of by alumni and donors regarding ethics. I'm very proud of the way Notre Dame athletes and athletic department represents in the community. So no bag man in my opinion.
  13. I am really torn. Kelly will not get a Natty at ND. However, are we willing to take a chance with another coach and his scheme and personnel which would likely set us back a season or two? We have recruits coming in that are better, people now expect us to win 10+ a year, and we are much more respectable as a program now versus 5+ years ago; really since Lou. We will not win a title though. So I think I am leaning toward giving Kelly the extension and wait for the new guy such as Fleck to prove themselves. Quinn does need to go though.
  14. Mostly frozen rain and cold for the weather. Phil gets some series because Book will struggle. Looking at more shots downfield however. ND 31 VT 24
  15. Why would Meyer choose ND over USC? Notre Dame's athletic department is in good shape and helmed by a savvy businessman and alumnus. USC can't hold their AD together! They can't hold onto ADs and stay out of scandals. Whether it's football or another sport, USC can't stop itself from being sports tabloid fodder. I beg to differ about South Bend being a sleepy town. I just moved here in the summer and have found it to be on the rise. Not just from a visual perspective but also the young blood moving into the area. South Bend isn't back to the early 20th century success but it is moving in a positive direction. We just need to get rid of the homeless problem. A neighboring town literally bused their homeless here!
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