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  1. Pat stepped down due to health problems. Many at the university believe that Pat steps down at the end of the year. This hire was expected because the new AD will then be able to bring in his own guy if he chooses after next year.
  2. I read on a bruin site that their are reports that Sark was drunk for the ASU game and Helton was the one acting as head coach for that game.
  3. Did anybody else notice that the run by CJ Sanders at the end of the video was the run but from a different angle that was posted on the CJ Sanders thread a few days ago? I thought these videos were released to show what happened today in practice. But, if they are posting videos with no chronological order how are we to tell if they are getting better or not.
  4. I don't agree with the op that recruiting nationally is hurting the team on the field. All teams, even those that are mentioned before like Alabama and USC, recruit Nationally. I agree that they get most of their players locally. But, because ND is who they are I believe they will have no choice but to recruit nationally. If you will, lets pretend that ND switches locations with Alabama and takes the 2014 recruiting class that Alabama brought in. How many of those student athletes do we think would be able to handle the demands of student athletes at ND? I think about most maybe 5-7.
  5. I believe to help with this that ND needs a lot more night games because of the time zone change. When I was in high school my football team had practice on Saturday until noon and then a lot of the players had voluntary weights and film study with the coaches. I wouldn't get home till 5-6 on the West coast and the only games on that late were pac-10 games. If you can't watch or follow the team its very hard to make a connection and want to play for that school.
  6. Over the next 3 weeks he plans on visiting 4 schools. I know for sure he is scheduled to be at FSU the weekend of the 16th and the 24 he is scheduled to be at LSU I believe. The other two schools will be Oregon and Michigan. I do not know the days of those visits but Marshall has said he will visit all 4 schools over a 14 day period.
  7. I'm not going to argue where the two schools are located and which city is better. But, the difference is how bad the college campuses are them selves. http://www.businessinsider.com/most-dangerous-colleges-in-america-2012-11 The statistics are based on FBI data. FSU is #25 and UCLA is #1. And USC is not listed at all.
  8. He is relying on so much youth because there have been lots of people leaving early for the NFL and injuries and recruits that bolted before arriving. This problem, playing freshmen is going to be a continuing concern. As you bring in better talent, read 5* and high 4*, they leave early. We have always been proud about our graduation ranks, but that was because we had people stay for their senior years. Besides the exceptions, people leave early to play in the NFL if they have the talent. People keep requesting that we recruit more 5*, but for me that is just going to lead to more peo
  9. When it comes to the defense not performing as it did at the beginning of the season i truly believe it is because other teams are finally getting film on us. At the beginning of the season the other teams were confused and performed terribly because we were unpredictable. We have superior talent than UNC, and Navy but they must have seen tendencies. We have lost a lot to injury but i struggle to believe that those teams outplayed us.
  10. I'm starting this reply by letting everyone know that I'm an alumni of USC, so I have a little first hand knowledge. Someone posted earlier about USC considering ucla the ugly stepchild and that is correct. It is more of a rivalry for the town and the fans. The weeks leading up to the game business and people takes sides even if they don't pay attention to football. Those that pay attention to football know USC and Notre Dame is one of the greatest rivalries. Most years Norte Dame is the furthest east that USC travels so it becomes a way to show themselves to recruits on the east coast
  11. Since its the first game of the season and with Michigan the following week, I expect the offense to be completely vanilla and show nothing. I'm thinking Golson throws maybe 20 passes at most. More likely less if he is pulled in the second half. No reason to do anything but run the football behind the offensive line. This is the only reason I think they score 35 and call it a day.
  12. He has been a visitor to USC for 5 or 6 fall practices and his parents accompanying him on one of the visits. He has also been to a few UCLA practices for fall as well. These two schools are so close it would be a waste of an official visit. He mentions these are his visits and not his top 6 or so. I see some schools being mini vacations.
  13. Even though a kid qualifies for a medical redshirt, he is still on a football scholarship and counts towards the 85 limit. Teams that have a high number of injuries just lowers the number of people they can actually give football scholarships towards.
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