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  1. This came out via several media outlets around the time of the Stanford game. Two things about the situation are pretty hilarious: (1) He was a VOLUNTEER Asst. Women's Golf Coach. The fact that he was having to serve in a volunteer capacity instead of actually being an asst. coach is great. (2) Shortly after all of these media outlets reported TW's role with the team, Stanford University came out and clarified that TW was no longer working w/ the women's golf team in any capacity when they hired a new coach. Keep in mind that Stanford was not even paying him. http://articles.chicagotrib
  2. Something Musburger will almost certainly say to open the broadcast: "You're looking live at sold out Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma..." or some variation thereof. He always seems to open w/ the "You're looking live" line
  3. This is not good. Obviously he is the biggest threat in the kicking game and the biggest threat to break a long run...but the way they were using him as a decoy on several fake end arounds was something the OU defense had to prepare for and would keep them honest. Toma can run the play but he isn't a threat to break one...hopefully Neal can step up.
  4. Does anyone know how many sacks Sam Young is credited with giving up last season? If there is an attributable number, does anyone have the individual game breakdown?
  5. Its uncanny the amount of 2 and 3 star O Lineman recruits that turn into studs once they get through the system at BC. None of them are soft which is a big part of it...which is more than we can say about some players on ND.
  6. i just canceled my subscription to Scout and will be heading to wherever Mike Frank ends up
  7. other than running back, I would say that the WR unit has the least to worry about when considering the unit's depth.
  8. your wisdom is only exceeded by your good looks
  9. Pat Kuntz turned Pat Kuntz into a great player. Likewise for Laws. Oliver hasn't done anything noteworthy during his time at Notre Dame.
  10. he did leave at halftime. couldn't take the cold apparently.
  11. just want to make sure we take care of washington first...we aren't good enough to look past anyone...well, maybe anyone except washington. initial line on the game is ND -11.5. I will be betting with student loan money - we are going to demolish them. Can't wait to put one of the final nails in medicoriTY's coffin.
  12. this is CW's second visit. I believe the only head coach who has made two visits to date to see him play.
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