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  1. LSU scares the crap out of me. That offense is legit and their corners are shut down. I would love to play Auburn - I think they're the most overrated team in the country and we would thrash them. Texas would be a nice win too.
  2. I think the title of the thread hits the nail on the head. After years of expecting big time recruits to not live up to potential (and yes, recall bias is in play to be sure), I now have come to expect a recruit to outperform his star ranking at the end of his 4 years. Would I love more 5 stars here? Of course. But do I think we get 5 star college careers out of a number of 4 stars? Absolutely.
  3. Have to agree with the "talent won out" theory on this one. That 4th quarter INT was pure skill/instinct and nothing else. I'm not sure we have a safety that makes that play (and I LOVE our safeties). Swift is so much faster than any of our backs that this alone alters their game plan vs ours (made it through that point without using a swift pun to describe his speed!). My only criticism of Kelly was his use of the last timeout in the 1st half. I'll be off a bit in the numbers because I'm going from memory altered by beer/scotch, but I believe our 1st down play ended at 24 seconds. A timeout wasn't called until 12 seconds. Then 2 weak looking fade patterns were run at the risk of running out of clock before kicking the field goal. Why? Why did he let that clock run and not call a timeout immediately? We could have allowed a play to develop in that time and had way more options. Even Gary Daniellson took the SEC's **** out of his mouth for a minute to question this.
  4. I agree for the most part re: Finke, but from my view that pass hit him right in the chest - gotta make that catch in this type of game....
  5. To quote the great philosopher of our time, Shaq - that sideline cam view is "horriawful"
  6. 31-17 UGA Hope I'm wrong but this may be the toughest road game any team in college football plays this year...
  7. I've moved from thinking 10-2 to 11-1 (had them losing to Michigan). Maybe I've been swayed by all the positive vibes above, maybe I just need more coffee
  8. That's me in a nutshell. "If only"'s become "if"'s, which quickly turn into "when"'s.....then the game starts....
  9. John Mulaney. Hands down. Has 3 or 4 specials on Netflix. His bit on the Catholic church is comedy gold. Reminds me of Seinfeld Tom Segura is decent too, but a step below Mulaney in my opinion.
  10. Have to be happy with both outcomes here. Happy for Denson to get a shot and as has been said already, this guy seems like a great hire
  11. Gotta love that with 4 returning starters, tons of eligibility, and 4* coming, there are still 4% of the poll takers that are "worried" about the O-line in 2019. Ahhh Irish fans....
  12. If this finishes at 30-17, are you happy with the result? (obviously we ALL want a win, but based on where we're at now)
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