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  1. Keep throwing the body blows, they add up and will make them want to quit come 4th quarter.
  2. None. We would need to be undefeated to be there. I just want to beat Virginia Tech. We can’t worry about anyone but who is in front of us now.
  3. Sweep the leg Tillery! Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!
  4. Thank goodness, I was afraid he had been hanging out with Kevin Stepherson!
  5. I doubt they were rubbing it in about rape reporting, it’s just completely tone deaf. Someone has to see that maybe they shouldn’t post that.
  6. As fans, let’s enjoy being unbeaten and keep things in perspective. We SHOULD have beaten the last few teams more comfortably and no one is saying Winbush is Joe Montana, but neither is Book. This Wake team has one of the worst defenses we will see this year. I do concede that we have a knack for making middling defenses look like the 85 Bears.
  7. We may need to mix in more zone. We keep getting beat by out breaking passes, especially against our nickel. Every pass Houston gives up is an out it seems.
  8. When we can start beating them, things will change. We have lost a fair share of players to them.
  9. My guess is that he settles in as a receiver.
  10. There is no one that escapes blame today. Every player, coordinator and coach is at fault. These receivers will never look as good the rest of the year as they did today. Their edges won’t collapse pockets like they did today and they won’t get as many picks.
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