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  1. We have another top 2020 target on the offensive line in town when we play Free Shoe U. Mitchell Mayes.
  2. Just hire Polian as recruiting coordinator and pay him the same salary. There are literally no units on special teams that are at the level they should be.
  3. I wish I knew. He would have been a perfect bridge to Houston. Vaughn has been a huge disappointment as well. They get beat on the same crossing pattern week after week. I wasn’t expecting Houston to get get best on a go route though.
  4. Another flag on the Irish. That wasn’t a touchdown either, it was blown dead.
  5. Sic em! Let’s gst these bums off the field and get ready for next week.
  6. The lines have to wake up the echoes. We got a lot at stake tonight.
  7. Wake up fellas. The longer we keep them in the more hope they have.
  8. Everyone knew Vaughn’s guy would get the ball. He was told who to cover and still couldn’t make the play. His guy couldn’t have been anymore open.
  9. We need more pressure and a bigger push on offense. The lines are flat.
  10. Dunno if I would have Pride and Tranquil out there, especially Drue.
  11. I know that coach Fitz would love nothing more than to beat his hated Irish, but it’s time to beat them like circus monkeys.
  12. Great news. Finish with Foskey and then go hard on the next classes.
  13. Let’s just enjoy the win. Considering it was mid term week, we all know how much worse this could have been. I would rather have a win where we played poorly than a loss.
  14. Not a great play there on 4th. Should have dove for the first down instead of slide.
  15. I knew we wouldn’t cover the spread, but I didn’t think it would be THIS tight.
  16. I LOVED seeing it when used to pump others up and to highlight pivotal points.
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