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  1. Our tight ends HAVE to be able to beat walk on true freshmen safeties.
  2. That was a touchdown we left on the table boys.
  3. The crew calling this game has no clue Stepp was Irish. They are too busy telling everyone the talking point about how many times SC has beaten undefeated Irish teams.
  4. There we go boys! Now if our d line does something watch the Trojans vanish like cigar smoke.
  5. We alienated them by having Brandon Winbush and not JT Danials.
  6. Too much pulling by our line as well. It looks like the Georgia game, the defense is beating us to the spot. Run right at them!
  7. We have let them turn this into a 7 on 7 tournament game. That is to their advantage. Their offensive line has been their weakness and is playing great. Our d line has been our strength and it’s playing like a weakness. Something has to chang in the second quarter.
  8. Way too much running room. I need to see some emotion out there and our d-line needs to protect Tevon better. This was our biggest advantage on the line and we are losing the trench battle.
  9. So it won’t be a shutout. We have to respond and then tighten up and take their confidence.
  10. It’s not our nature to run up the score on anyone, anyone else! I want thatvstadium like a library and their fans hurrying to beat traffic home!
  11. Rocket. They put him in in the fourth when the defense was already tired.
  12. We need to come out strong and beat them like Apache drums.
  13. They MUST be respected, we are better on paper but games aren’t played on paper. We have to go in and take their will from them early. Make them start thinking about having time off back st the dorms with their girlfriends.
  14. Do you empty the bench or go for the shutout? I say empty it.
  15. Let’s close this out and get outta here healthy.
  16. Neither of those picks looked good. He has had so many balls tipped, plus he has that look in his eye again.
  17. Offense has to do something do we don’t put the D right back out there.
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