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  1. I think we will be OK. Didn't work out, so be it.
  2. Tough to turn away a top receiver and one of the best blockers at his position to boot.
  3. I meant Tausch, he is the fifth year, not Brindza.
  4. I am seeing lots of stories on the "internets" that he is now considering the Irish as leaders for his services. His recruitment has been all over the place but he is a definite talent. What do you gents think?
  5. Their scholarships don't mean as much as most of the SEC over recruits every year and can release guys from their scholarship at any time. You have to flunk out, get into legal trouble or something in South Bend. This is why I still believe Darby commited to us last year only to change right after his season ended. He knew we would actually honor his scholarship if he got hurt. We were an insurance policy.
  6. He is extremely fast and you can never have too much speed. At the very least it helps to have multiple, elite recruits from that part of the country. To get players out of Cali and Fla like we have this year cannot be stressed enough. Now to make some inroads in Texas and who knows. We are set up to be VERY selective next year. We could go strictly at 5 stars at corner, receiver, and of course D line.
  7. Vanderdoes looked good to me. He was gassed some late after the rotation was messed up. He, like any D lineman has to be rotated to stay fresh.
  8. Don't forget about Tausch, we don't need scholarships for him AND Brindza if it means turning away ANY of those on the list.
  9. There is still room for you and Eddie V. in South Bend Torrodney! Go Irish!
  10. Good luck to him and the wheels of our bus will keep rolling. Sometimes it doesn't work out but he is still getting a free education and chance to showcase his skills for the NFL.
  11. We have a walk on kicker so there is no real need to have scholarships dedicated to Tausch AND Brindza. I think we have room for two more. Hopefully Vanderdoes is one of them.
  12. Hutchins from Cali is wiry too. Why not take ALL the SC guys?
  13. I REALLY want Max Redfield manning the deep 1/3 for us for the next four years.
  14. If we got Eddie V. and Max R. the third recruit could be Steve Erkel and I wouldn't care!
  15. Sony is a monster and a half. He WAS my number two target until Bryant signed. I bet Keith Marshall wonders about his decision!
  16. Has anyone fallen in love with any 2014 prospects yet that they would LOVE to see don the Blue & Gold? My favorite, easily, is Jabril Peppers. Redfield is the guy I want most this year, but man Peppers looks awesome.
  17. The story about giving players pain injections without full disclosure of side effects will not help the recruiting efforts of the "men" of Troy.
  18. The test to me is not the class rankings. It's who else the guys was recruiting the guys YOU recruit and who do you lose out to for guys you don't get. We are competing with big boys now and winning many of the recruiting battles. Hopefully we are done losing guys we recruit hard to Rutgers, BC, and other similar teams.
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