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  1. I had higher expectations than that. This was a winnable game, but not with the self inflicted mistakes and bad calls. We didn’t need to be perfect, but better than THIS!
  2. He was never open. Book has never settled in and our marquee players did not play at their best.
  3. This is worse than the Bama game. We really didn’t match up with them. This game was there for the taking and we didn’t take advantage of our advantages.
  4. We were supposed to be attacking their safeties in man and taking advantage of the matchup of Finke and the tight ends against them. I haven’t seen it. Our blitzes even when they don’t get home have been effective, yet we are rushing 4. Plus when Love went down Bracy, Griffin, Coleman, hell even Shaun Crawford would have been better options at corner.
  5. This is maddening. All of the hard work put in by so many is being crapped away by the few. Not just at ND, but period, I have never seen a player that plays so little get beaten so much as Vaughn. How could he look everyone in the eye?
  6. First time I heard his name called. We are supposed to have an advantage with our d line vs their o line but Jerry is playing bad ball. That last one was on him as much as it was Vaughn.
  7. I am sorry, Clemson is NOT the 78 Steelers. They are beatable but we can’t do their job for them! We need some emotional content out there. This was a terrible half of football and someone needs to turn some tables over in that locker room.
  8. He shouldn’t be in that position. We have to move heaven and earth around to help Vaughn.
  9. This game is here for the taking. We need some fire. Has Tillery’s name been called?
  10. It happens. I remember Bobby Hurley against UNLV having to go drop a deuce.
  11. I had such hopes for him. I can’t imagine anyone having a higher percentage of plays given up percplays played.
  12. That was too easy. We can’t expect Drue to cover Renfrie in man on third.
  13. No way in hell did that ball go out of bounds. Not conclusive to overturn.
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