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  1. Thank goodness. I have very high hopes for this young man.
  2. We will see. It’s tough to imagine a better representative of the school than him. The only problem any has is with his recruiting.
  3. Only two words come to mind, one is bull. You know what the second word is.
  4. Arms were shorter than I hoped they would be. The coaches really wanted him so I defer to them over my impression.
  5. I REALLY think we need Lenzy at receiver more than corner. Hopefully this is reconsidered.
  6. Exactly, when we were winning under Lou it wasn’t just because of his greatness. Cerato was bringing in top talent.
  7. I don’t like the extremes. Earlier in the season some had him on par with Montana and Quinn. After a poor performance against one of the best teams on the country and THE best line, he is now Dayne Christ? He is in the middle. Book is a good college quarterback that needs good players around him. He is not a “one man gang” that’s going to will us to a championship on his back.
  8. Pointing out his numbers and how he single handedly led to THREE touchdowns in a half of football is not “ragging on a kid”. If Yoon missed 80 percent of his field goals or a back fumbled 80 percent of the time he carried the ball or a lineman (even a backup) gave up sacks on 80 percent of the snaps he took it’s not unfair to call them on it. I don’t expect him to be Bobby Taylor, but damn!
  9. That is a legitimate, reasonable criticism. To just say “he sucks” and is no good is neither legitimate or reasonable.
  10. We are the third best team in the country. There is a difference between being good and PLAYING good, we did not play good at all. We were overmatched against Bama, but we not only could but should have been able to play with Clemson.
  11. Only thing I DO know is that we need to be undefeated to even be considered for the playoffs unless the lesser darling teams have 3 losses. I can’t see us going into Athens and winning, but we will be favored in every other game probably.
  12. I agree. Blaming Coach Kelly is just confirmation bias. People don’t like him and wait for things to happen to attempt to justify that dislike. We had a great season and deserved to be third, Kelly deserved his awards, and we do not need to become a football factory. As for getting on Vaughn, I’m sorry, his play deserved to be criticized. That was inexcusable.
  13. This is not about ALL of the players. I am specifically talking about one that has given up damn near 80 percent completion rate. I have watched a lot of football and not just ND. I have NEVER seen anything close to this.
  14. Why not Bracy, Griffin or Coleman?
  15. Stats before the game showed he was targeted 21 times on the season and gave up 16 receptions. I would love to know the numbers tonight. Love gave up one touchdown all season and Vaughn gave up 2 in a half and was responsible for the third because they had to protect him.
  16. According to Dabo you can get it from anywhere. There is no telling how they tested positive.
  17. And ESPN won’t still be talking about it 6 years later nor will they be second guessed for being in the playoffs.
  18. I’m still wearing my jersey to work Monday and dare anyone to say a word.
  19. I don’t think it’s needed. It will always be easier to win at Bama or SC OR OSU. The problem in our recruiting hasn’t been the players we lost to them, but to Other schools. The sky is not falling and we had a great season, just sucks to soul the bed (again) for the world to see and to add more fuel to our haters.
  20. And some emotion! We walked out to start the game and the second half with the enthusiasm of 8 year olds going to the dentist.
  21. We deserved to be one of the four teams in the playoff and we not only had a great year, we have done good things on the recruiting trail. This is going to sting and like most negative ND news, will be amplified. An undefeated ND team in the future will probably need one loss teams to get in. So disappointed in our effort.
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