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  1. Who are you gents hearing that may be on commitment watch? I have been very pleased but would really link to see top end corners to go with the project/depth ones we have recruited lately. Looks like we are loosing traction with the one from St Louis.
  2. This is a Vinny Cerato level haul on offense. We are close boys, we need to attack our weakness at corner like we did edge and safety a few years back and make THEM strengths as well.
  3. Stepp should have been stopped there. Joe Schmidt Jr was down there doing spin moves. Lets recover this kick and hit victory formation.
  4. Does seem like Flutie is against us. We need to wake up, SC isn’t going away.
  5. Brings a tear to my eye seeing number 25 on a long TD reverse.
  6. Liam has multiple false starts (again) and just got put on his back.
  7. Clemson held on to win by one. Weird how the talking points after will be how gritty they were to pull out victory, not how they might be overrated.
  8. Troy has a lot of trouble defending back shoulder passes.
  9. I don’t know this man of which you speak. Does he play football for us or something?
  10. Our captains were the ones that made the lions share of the mistakes at Georgia. Hainsey/Eich had false starts and missed blocks that could have led to big gains. Finke dropped passes and even Gilman was rocked by Swift on a blitz. The unit expected to be a weakness (lb) was a strength.
  11. The game was lost in the third with the offense putting the defense in a very bad spot.
  12. No one thinks they are worthless nor does anyone expect touchdowns on every play. What we DO expect is push from our five star linemen, better short yardage and to move the ball more consistently than we have against sorely outmatched competition.
  13. We gotta pick it up. Georgia hung 55 in a shutout today. We are supposed to pancake these guys.
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