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  1. Ok, the playoffs are out but we still have plenty to play for. If we keep looking like this though we run the risk of losing recruits. I am not liking what I have seen.
  2. Vaughn makes Gary Grey look like Todd Lyght. His man is always open. Why would you throw anywhere else but him? Also Pride has not stopped a back shoulder pass all season.
  3. That was just the third punt return of more than one yard.
  4. I know you are upset, hell we all are, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple. Lou Holtz is not coming through the door anytime soon and just because you aren’t Holtz, Saban or Daabo doesn’t mean you’re a bum. Also just because you don’t call for BK to be fired after every tough loss doesn’t make you an apologist. I want him to do better and expected more yesterday, especially after a bye and no classes, but replacing him won’t make us Bama.
  5. The blame isn’t equal, I’m not saying that. But the defense was not without blame. The lions share of blame falls on the two people that needed to be at their best and weren’t. Our offensive coordinator and quarterback.
  6. The offense is starting to remind me of Van Gorder defenses. Our offense can NOT be that difficult that it can only be run by upperclassmen and high four star talent can’t see the field over walk ons and low ceiling players. Kyle Hamilton can come in and be in the rotation but I wonder if Tyree as good as he is would lose carries to Avery Davis or would those great receivers be forced to sit behind Finke and McKinnley?
  7. We were fooled into thinking progress is a straight line. Our linebackers regressed and looked terrible which put the safeties in bad positions. They attacked every corner whenever we were in man. Our ends lost containment on countless times and the tackles were silent. On offense, we had a poor plan that was executed worse. Half of our plays run were doomed from the jump between the screens that never work and slow developing outside runs that won’t work against good/fast defenses. When plays that actually had a chance were called, Book bailed from pressure that was not there. EVERYONE in the stadium knows he is not throwing deep and I have seen true freshmen thrust into action that showed better technique and footwork. Also, which captain of ours did anything last night? We had two weeks plus no classes and shat the bed in front of the country. Again.
  8. All I ever heard was how Winbush held back the screen game. It’s starting to look like we just can’t execute them regardless.
  9. Spoke too soon. He dropped the easier of the balls thrown.
  10. Pride watched the ball all the way in and was facing the QB on that touchdown.
  11. Pride has been such a disappointment this season. I expected an all America season.
  12. 4 completion, 17 attempts. I refuse to believe that no one is open.
  13. We know he isn’t going to return it, but damn Finke can you catch the punt.
  14. Cole was wide open! You KNOW it has to be bad, the announcers seldom throw people under the bus, but Herbie HAD to say something on that play.
  15. These are throws Book has not made under perfect conditions, yet we try them in a storm.
  16. Bye week AND while on break. I just knew this would be the time we actually came to play.
  17. My high school ran better screen plays in 1989 than we do now.
  18. I can’t tell if it’s the line not protecting the backers or are the backers just missing their fits. This will have to get worked out whatever it is.
  19. I agree. Now let’s get some top 100 corners and linebackers.
  20. We have seen how our program is different from others. We have success with recruiting as we have success on the field. That’s not new, every team is like that. The difference is that ONE year of us not reaching expectations puts us back to square one and we are not given the benefit of the doubt like other programs. The Clemsons, Bamas, Ohio States of the world can have down years and there will be no reduction in 5 Stars wanting to still go there. The bar, as usual is higher for us.
  21. Don’t everyone respond at once!
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