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  1. We are supposed to have the advantage on the line but the D is getting gashed.
  2. It’s a game for our senior quarterback to forget too.
  3. Just take the mask off Tom. You keep get caught with it down.
  4. All right boys, let’s hang 50 on them in the second half to get this bad taste out of my mouth.
  5. Maybe it’s because I live walking distance from his school, but man do I want to see Jakillin Johnson in Blue and Gold.
  6. I keep seeing coaches on the road visiting guys. Without there being a position coach assigned yet Coach Kelly should be in St Louis checking on Jakilin Johnson. After Shipley, he should be our next biggest priority.
  7. Johnson and Shipley MUST be our top targets, we can not afford to be outworked for either.
  8. Damn. That is jacked up, but it is a moot point now since he resigned at his school.
  9. It’s a shame, I think everyone here rooted for Coach Lyght. He is my second favorite player after Rocket.
  10. I remember a few years back when it seemed as if we would never land a single top defensive end. However, we identified this problem and attacked it to the point that our weakness became a strength. The same needs to happen at corner. We have enough three star, developmental types and need to bring in some top talent at corner. It shows just how bare the cupboard must be if Vaughn STILL gets trotted out there every week and gets targeted and beat badly. I have been following the Irish since 1987 and struggle to think of any corner that has been beaten as easily and consistently as Vaughn. Lyght HAS to pick up his recruiting as well as his development and coaching.
  11. Absolutely correct. We have secured a commitment from a top back and lead for another. It hurts to admit it but he and Lyght were our worst recruiters. Todd is my second favorite player of all time, but has got to get some high 4 and five star guys in.
  12. We are about to lose at home to freakin Virginia Tech.
  13. He missed that kick the second he walked on the field. He looked scared to death.
  14. I feel like Tony Romo and have called the last three plays.
  15. Should have been a touchdown. I bet it is awkwardly quiet at the stadium. Quiet and uneasy.
  16. Regression is the word of the hour. Vaughn looked like Bobby Taylor as a freshman and now has played some of the worst corner I have seen in my over 30 years of fandom. How bad does Griffin and co have to be to not be able to beat him out?
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