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  1. We are supposed to have the advantage on the line but the D is getting gashed.
  2. It’s a game for our senior quarterback to forget too.
  3. Just take the mask off Tom. You keep get caught with it down.
  4. All right boys, let’s hang 50 on them in the second half to get this bad taste out of my mouth.
  5. Maybe it’s because I live walking distance from his school, but man do I want to see Jakillin Johnson in Blue and Gold.
  6. I keep seeing coaches on the road visiting guys. Without there being a position coach assigned yet Coach Kelly should be in St Louis checking on Jakilin Johnson. After Shipley, he should be our next biggest priority.
  7. Johnson and Shipley MUST be our top targets, we can not afford to be outworked for either.
  8. Damn. That is jacked up, but it is a moot point now since he resigned at his school.
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