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  1. Tua might be. But do we have a job for his dad like Alabama seemed to. How about a house for his parents to stay in. Oh and if you are from Hawaii I am sure the weather is better in Bama than South Bend. And lets not forget there is also a top notch high school with a great program for his brother to go to. All things are not =
  2. Gotta love that outside pass at line of scrimmage. Play has t worked since kelly got here but we keep running it
  3. Exactly what i was talking about. The espn staff (some of them not all were saying that last night). Oh and of course there was uban spouting off how important the conference championship game is. Guess with his head problems he forgot about when he got in over Penn State even though Penn State won the conference championship.
  4. Funny how important conference championship is. Alabama and Ohio State both play in conferences with conference championships and didn’t make it to the championship of their own conference yet made the playoffs. Its complete bullsh-t about its importance when teams with one get in without making it
  5. beach1


    Kirby “SMART” Not so much
  6. What cracks me up is the fact that they want to dismiss oklahoma for no defense Oklahoma avg score against is 31 and ohio states is 25. Oklahoma avg 49.5 on offense and ohio state 43. That makes both winning games by avg of 18. Only real difference is ohio st has Urban Liar so naturally we all need to bend the knees.
  7. At least wisconsin didn’t show up against miami in the same stadium we played them and look like they were a bunch of scared “pussies”. They went toe to toe and punched them in the mouth.
  8. Yes finish 9-2 and get matched against Ohio State or Penn State and lose by 30 cause if we win thats who we will be paired against for tv ratings. And if really lucky maybe we get Auburn. To win a bowl game we need to lose another game so we get paired against a lesser foe. One where we won’t get so outcoached.
  9. Thx MSU for beating Penn St Our win looks that much better But really in love with Iowa for the whipping they put on Ohio State and for shutting up all the hype about Barett and the Heisman) (4 interceptions)
  10. Ohio states best win is against a 5-2 army team. Not sure but don’t think they have a win over any other team over .500. Their only quality game so far this year is against Oklahoma and they got their butts beat.
  11. careful what you wish for. his defenses were on a par with ours. never won a big one either.
  12. The opposing qb doesn't seem to have trouble figuring them out. Love this quote. Our Defense doesn't know what the hell they are supposed to be doing but opposing QB's sure can find all the wholes in this genius scheme. And seriously d backs can't stay with guys when we are rushing the QB under normal circumstances so lets rush 3 so they have more time to get open.
  13. Yes but that was against "the MAD HATTER". You really think UM wouldn't have his team ready to go against ND. AND if given the chance he would not take his foot off the gas.
  14. Include me too. Winning is what its all about and its been too damn long since we did that. I am not looking for a participation trophy, just a national championship. anything else is just ok.
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