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  1. Whether you take him seriously or not, he said this today. He talks about Kelly at 37:18 https://www.stitcher.com/show/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd/episode/09-06-2021-hour-2-colin-right-colin-wrong-warren-moon-brian-kelly-86598756
  2. Absolutely agree! We were obviously seeing on every play jersey's of our D line pulling from their Online with no calls. Then in the 4th all of the sudden we get multiple holding calls. Ridiculous!
  3. Yes they do. Not sure the cost as I have never parked there. Just parked somewhere else and walked there.
  4. You won't have a problem finding parking. South lot next to the stadium is my favorite tailgating area.
  5. Well, Jack's only got 1 year so one of those 2 will likely be the starter next year so maybe neither will leave. Hope not.
  6. Sounds like he has discipline problems maybe?
  7. I just emptied mine as well so I have no DM's anymore. lol
  8. Almost .20? A man that big would have to have drank a lot of alcohol but then I have seen .5's walking and talking. He must not have been a regular drinker.
  9. Sounds like a special 3 star. Welcome to ND Mr. Agu!
  10. SAWEEEET!!! Just posted a pic straight from my files. SO easy!! Hoping for more color in the color scheme though. Right now a bit Meh.
  11. Sounds good. These days aren't so bad but back in the early days Gabe, myself and the other OG Mods were fighting spam daily tooth and nail. Gabe did a lot to rectify that. (Excuse me while I wipe some brown stuff off my nose LOL) Nowadays, the Mods really add to the content such as Brian (Faith). We'll be behind what you want to do. It's your baby and we just want a great place to talk about the Irish.
  12. I'm blaming Faith because no one can get mad at Faith
  13. Gabe, can you make Mike's posts "approved". I had to approve his last post. Greetings Mike. Hope you enjoy your new investment. Please don't go back and read what some of us said about PSU during the "dark time". It wasn't pretty but before all that most of us had some healthy respect for PSU.
  14. Thanks for all you do here for us! Hope you had a great birthday Brian! :clap2::party:
  15. "Thunder and lightning" Yep, I'm old! LOL
  16. Ok, am I just old school or does this kid look more like a WR than a RB? Are we expecting him to add 30 lbs? Don't get me wrong, he looks slippery and fast but I would expect power from a RB. Am I wrong? Welcome to him though! Seems like a baller.
  17. Yo Chad! Nice to see you again
  18. He's g playing with a weak OL. Just got sacked, he has no time.
  19. No one getting open for Ian and not much time to throw. 3 and out in his first action.
  20. The old adage rings true today. Some guys, like Joe Montana are not "practice" guys. But, you get them in an actual game and they shine. I have always held this opinion.
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