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  1. If not much changes with the OL, they are going to run it down our throats! I haven't said this in 5 years. We are going to lose this game. I still have a glimmer of hope. But when we stop the run they will go over the top and that's also a weakness. Enjoy the day and not the game. Remember, it's only a "GAME", entertainment to us. Yes, we love our Notre Dame football but there are times we must love the actual school and culture. It's truly different here. Enjoy the game! Win or lose, remember, it just a game. Your life will not change. Be happy with friends and family that makes days like these special! Prediction: ND 24 Whisky 21 OK, SO I STILL HAVE HOPE LOL
  2. Whether you take him seriously or not, he said this today. He talks about Kelly at 37:18 https://www.stitcher.com/show/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd/episode/09-06-2021-hour-2-colin-right-colin-wrong-warren-moon-brian-kelly-86598756
  3. Absolutely agree! We were obviously seeing on every play jersey's of our D line pulling from their Online with no calls. Then in the 4th all of the sudden we get multiple holding calls. Ridiculous!
  4. Yes they do. Not sure the cost as I have never parked there. Just parked somewhere else and walked there.
  5. You won't have a problem finding parking. South lot next to the stadium is my favorite tailgating area.
  6. Well, Jack's only got 1 year so one of those 2 will likely be the starter next year so maybe neither will leave. Hope not.
  7. Sounds like he has discipline problems maybe?
  8. I just emptied mine as well so I have no DM's anymore. lol
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