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  1. Angeli has the quickest release of all the QB's
  2. It is. It's windy as hell. Gusts up to 30mph
  3. Nah, they were clearly stretching his calf out and he walked away and you could tell it started cramping again. Then he walked it off.
  4. As soon as I saw it, I said cramp. He might even get back into the game if they need him.
  5. Take it for what it is. Nice little ND Football break from the Winter. Great day here too as mostly sunny in the 70's. Warmest day this year so far. I probably should've went. Wife is out at Redbud watching the son ride his dirt bikes so decided to stay home.
  6. Yep, a shit show. Thank God it usually means nothing
  7. I'll be honest, I am expecting a shit show. I don't have a good feeling this year. Some might start calling me Elder this year.
  8. Would love to but we aren't cruising until they stop all mandates. Just a personal decision for us. We had a beautiful vacation I Key West last month though and next Fall may fly to Aruba as they require no mandates. When the cruise lines open that up we may go again. Might be awhile though. You guys have a great time though!
  9. I don't know but could be a totally separate company "fundraising" for NIL money for the players at a separate site than at the University. Company owner probably HUGE Michigan fan with no official affiliation with the University. Got to the players and made sure he had enough and enough big names on the team for them to personally want to come do it. I see no problem with the rules how they are now. Yes, ND players should be able to do this type of thing and I am sure only a matter of time until they will.
  10. I have always remembered guys like Joe Montana was not a very good "practice player" but when he got into games, he lit it up. I have been always surprised that more Head Coaches don't give some backups, #2's serious game time and significant plays to see what they have in these players. Even when things aren't going so well, it usually takes a miracle for a coach to replace a "starter" with the #2 and give them enough plays and time to get settled and see if they play beyond what they see at practice. What's your take?
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