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  1. Almost .20? A man that big would have to have drank a lot of alcohol but then I have seen .5's walking and talking. He must not have been a regular drinker.
  2. Sounds like a special 3 star. Welcome to ND Mr. Agu!
  3. SAWEEEET!!! Just posted a pic straight from my files. SO easy!! Hoping for more color in the color scheme though. Right now a bit Meh.
  4. Sounds good. These days aren't so bad but back in the early days Gabe, myself and the other OG Mods were fighting spam daily tooth and nail. Gabe did a lot to rectify that. (Excuse me while I wipe some brown stuff off my nose LOL) Nowadays, the Mods really add to the content such as Brian (Faith). We'll be behind what you want to do. It's your baby and we just want a great place to talk about the Irish.
  5. I'm blaming Faith because no one can get mad at Faith
  6. Gabe, can you make Mike's posts "approved". I had to approve his last post. Greetings Mike. Hope you enjoy your new investment. Please don't go back and read what some of us said about PSU during the "dark time". It wasn't pretty but before all that most of us had some healthy respect for PSU.
  7. Ouch! Hit a nerve did I? LOL You guys have been calling each other names throughout this thread, give me a break! You don't give my links credit because they are right leaning but the whole MSM is left leaning including your links. "C'mon man" LOL BTW, your first paragraph is actually a fact. No, I'm not a "snowflake" or a "Rino" (don't cry, they're just words) It's called debating. I'm not saying I am COMPLETELY correct but YOU sure as hell aren't either. (I don't remember calling anyone here personally a "F'n moron") I won't "cancel" you or ban you. You have contributed to this sit
  8. This is why it's hard to take you seriously. https://djhjmedia.com/rich/biden-kills-trump-executive-orders-designed-to-lower-drug-prices-for-americans-including-insulin/ "On Thursday, President Biden’s US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) killed off Trump executive orders that were designed to lower prescription drug prices significantly for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine." He did it. It's a fact and insulin prices are through the roof due to the big Pharma companies that has Biden in their pockets have raised them and there is no indication that Biden will u
  9. Maybe, but I doubt it. Why? Because I CHOSE to not wear it. It wasn't a law and I didn't care for wearing one. I have that freedom. I don't ride anymore but when I did, that's what I chose. LOL And this started as someone asking if I'll be taking the vaccine and why I won't. I answered concisely and honestly and some douches decide they know best for me. When I said because they use parts from aborted babies, some numbskull actually said, "They aren't using parts, they are using cells from aborted babies" That just made me shake my head at the stupidity. Then the snowflakes got triggered
  10. I wouldn't put it past them if it fit their agenda. I believe this because that's exactly what they have been doing with the virus deaths. Die in a car crash? Of the regular flu? Of a infected dog bite? If he was coughing or had a temperature, CLASSIFY IT COVID! That has been admitted to and doing to pump those covid death numbers from the beginning including hospitals doing it too for Gov't money. Fact! LOL
  11. Might want to call your Representative and have laws changed then. And no, my health habits are still none of your business.
  12. None of them have been FDA approved, they have been cleared for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) genius.
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