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  1. I just emptied mine as well so I have no DM's anymore. lol
  2. 1) You wouldn't have your precious "vaccine" right now without Trump. Yes, Kameltoe'said she wouldn't take it if it came from Trump. Of course, "she took it". 2) Just because Trump recommends the vaccine doesn't mean I don't know that at my age I have a 99.8% chance of getting over it if I get it so I have the "FREEDOM" to CHOOSE (choose, funny health word, ain't it) to have it or not. It's "experimental" and I CHOOSE maybe not to get it. Why the hell does the vaccinated care? Do they trust the vaccine that they will not get it from me or not? I guess NOT! Shouldn't matter to them, right? 3) I believe covid is real, BUT DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! More people die every day from diabetes but I see NO "lottery" give-a-ways for FREE insulin. GIVE IT S PHUKING REST!!
  3. "I believe that speech should only be controlled when it explicitly calls for violence." OMG snowflake! This is where I am done. We aren't in a movie theater yelling "fire" we are a citizens calling out the idiots that want t to stop freedom of speech and YOU are saying it's ok to shut people up! *whisper in your ear* guess what buddy boy, sometimes calls for violence is called for. When attacked, you attack girly-boy. 1776!
  4. Are you saying none of this is true? Please, state your facts. Is this not true?
  5. I'm just asking what's going on. Of course nothing I post will convince any Liberal unless St. Biden says it or King Fauci reports it. LMAO! Liberals, head in the sand and thanking whoever is sticking it to them from behind. LOL
  6. Well those are just facts reported by right leaning people but here’s was also something IMG_5344.MP4
  7. https://thenewamerican.com/peoples-party-of-canada-leader-maxime-bernier-arrested-for-violating-public-health-orders/https://www.patriotproject.com/government-helicopter-discovers-unauthorized-canadian-church-service-pastor-put-handcuffs/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=teapartypatriots&utm_content=2021-06-20&fbclid=IwAR3XbKDKKuPKYW8kjlS2Qn2qYfUj5hHnHxmjDnh3V4obYBX6el8XnBv3_Xw https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/05/24/canada-now-a-communist-country-end-of-story-cops-give-citations-for-shaking-hands-1078598/ https://spencerfernando.com/2021/05/26/justin-trudeau-would-rather-accuse-canadians-of-racism-than-stop-communist-chinas-military-from-having-access-to-our-national-microbiology-lab/ Just to name a few
  8. Canadians, I hear you’re going communist. I hear your freedoms have gotten taken away and he locked up the leader equivalent to our republican party for holding rallies. What’s up with all that?
  9. Almost .20? A man that big would have to have drank a lot of alcohol but then I have seen .5's walking and talking. He must not have been a regular drinker.
  10. Sounds like a special 3 star. Welcome to ND Mr. Agu!
  11. SAWEEEET!!! Just posted a pic straight from my files. SO easy!! Hoping for more color in the color scheme though. Right now a bit Meh.
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