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  1. I've listened to several of these discussions and rarely find one that is not top-notch. I assumed that this one on popular culture would be that as well without having listened to it. I'm sorry that this one is not one of the best after just listening to the first half. Typically there is a narration which then jumps straight into a discussion with a panel where there are reformed, lutheran, baptist, and other regulars. This particular tape on Pop Culture has a guest who takes most of the time but there is a panel discussion later. Take a look at some of the archives and find a topic that interests you and I think you will get a better picture of what they typically do rather than how this particular program unfolds.
  2. I damn sure missed that! LOL!
  3. I can't tell who is being sarcastic. We need a sarcasm button.
  4. :rockon:.......................
  5. Chapter and verse please.:llama:
  6. For some good Catholic stuff, Q&A's, solid doctrine, etc. check this link below. Tim Staples is absolutely dynamite: http://www.catholic.com/radio/calendar.php
  7. These guys, although not Catholic (gasp), are really very good theologians and they have lively and often humorous discussions that are worth listening to. If you can block out the anti-Catholicism, much of what they talk about is true. But one has to be discerning when listening to separate the wheat from the chaff: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/The_White_Horse_Inn/archives.asp?bcd=9/20/2009
  8. St. Paul was sarcastic in some of his letters.
  9. LOL! How boring! You can just ask if you don't know. There is not a "don't ask, don't tell" policy at DD as far as I know.
  10. Only a smart fella like you would know that.
  11. I'd like to see something done about the inability of some readers on this forum to recognize sarcasm.
  12. That looks ok, but I think the staff needs to have a different kind of training table, one that will motivate players sufficiently to do their best, or else: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/EVENTS/wfest2k2/scott_pit_n_pend.jpg
  13. Wah, wah, wah. Is someone holding your eyes open (ala A Clockwork Orange) forcing you to read political posts? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Af0bdmcSXis/SwqX46Mc9aI/AAAAAAAAAP8/Gryg2HL0ktc/s400/clockwork_big.jpg
  14. Ok men, take pause. Men-o-pause. Yay! No more rough times.
  15. ad hominem argument. No substance. Refutation: fail
  16. http://www.missourah.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/obamaflowchart2.png
  17. Obama Joins Islamists to Stifle Free Speech http://www.traditionalvalues.org/read/3800/obama-joins-islamists-to-stifle-free-speech/ Obama's Thugs Stifling Free Speech http://newsmax.com/PamelaGeller/obama-acorn-pelosi/2009/12/12/id/341850 Chief Diversity Officer Seeks To Stifle Free Speech http://blog.heritage.org/2009/08/27/chief-diversity-officer-seeks-to-stifle-free-speech/ The White House “Rush” to the Fairness Doctrine http://blog.heritage.org/2009/03/04/the-white-house-rush-to-the-fairness-doctrine/ Watch out for Big Brother Barack and his thug thought police. Hasn't anyone noticed how sensitive BO is to criticism and how he tries to do everything he can to attack and discredit those who dare speak out against him? Carry on Obamatrons.
  18. If this would have been handled differently, no one would even have known that SJ wasn't carrying out his mod functions. He could have still "acted" like a mod, like JoePa "acts" like the head coach, and we could have all been spared the drama. Not a happy ending for SJ, but it could have been. Still can be in my view if the mods reconsider their decision.
  19. It's ironic that Orwell was a leftie socialist who wrote about what leftie socialists are doing today.
  20. Yes it was but obviously the decision to take everything out of his office and not allow him to work there anyomore was made without his knowledge and acceptance. He came into work the next morning and was told to give up his key and that he can't work in his office anymore but can only come into the building like anyone else.
  21. Nah, I mean he's the guy who should be out to pasture but should be kept around as long as he wishes because he essentially started DD and he should be respected as such. JoePa these days doesn't do much as a head coach even though that is his titular position. They took away many of his responsibilities but just couldn't fire him and humiliate him. A nice way to handle the situation in my view. How they handled Bobby Bowden is another story. I don't agree with much of what SJ says even when I can understand what he is saying but it doesn't seem like he's getting the BB treatment. More like the JoePa treatment. The only thing that should have been done differently in my view was to discuss with him upfront the decision about removing his ability to mod, tell him why they think it is a good idea, and get him to buy into it, which he probably would have had they done that. But now you got the old feller all riled up. And given the way SJ hasn't let go of defending CW, I doubt he will ever let this go. If I was a mod, I would reinstate his ability to be a mod and have that discussion I mentioned above at later date when SJ is open and willing to step down.
  22. Now that's putting your back into your living..............
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