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  1. Rumor has it that Jimmy Clausen won't need any of the black-eye stuff to put under his eyes, he makes his own.
  2. The Reformed Church categorizes law into three aspects: 1. Civil 2. Ceremonial 3. Spiritual or Moral While many of the first two have been fufilled in Christ and are no longer applicable today, the 3rd aspect of law has never been abolished because the 10 Commandments reflect the very character of God, who is unchanging. As I said before, Jesus raised the bar on the 10 Commandments in His Sermon on the Mount.
  3. Spot-on Irish Rick. :llama: What would these guys have said if it had worked:
  4. Ever notice how the commentators "analysis" after a risky play is always correct and spot-on? LOL. If it worked, the coach is a genius; if not, they ask "why did he do that, that wasn't the smartest thing to do, blah, blah, blah? Rarely, if ever, do you hear them say "yeah, it worked but he shouldn't have done that in this situation because..........," The coach will either be an instant genius or a horrible decision-maker depending on whether or not it worked.
  5. I have played football and was in the military yet still think he made a good point about being ranked 59th based upon past performance of our team. It remains to be seen whether that is an "insult" or not. If the team this year thinks it is better than 59th, by all means let that motivate them; but, the OP was making the point that we shouldn't have a sense of entitlement about this ranking just because we are ND - let's focus on getting it done on the field. Rankings are made by people and they are often wrong. We will see by the end of the season whether that ranking was accurate, too low, or too high. But I'm not sure the players are going to get all that motivated by it one way or the other just because they think they might have been dissed by it. Their primary motivation should come from a desire to be the best and to expect to win every damn game they play - to piss excellence - because they are representing the best university in the country.
  6. SJ, here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches: 1968 The Law of the Gospel fulfills the commandments of the Law. The Lord's Sermon on the Mount, far from abolishing or devaluing the moral prescriptions of the Old Law,[The 10 commandments] releases their hidden potential and has new demands arise from them: it reveals their entire divine and human truth. It does not add new external precepts, but proceeds to reform the heart, the root of human acts, where man chooses between the pure and the impure,22 where faith, hope, and charity are formed and with them the other virtues. The Gospel thus brings the Law to its fullness through imitation of the perfection of the heavenly Father, through forgiveness of enemies and prayer for persecutors, in emulation of the divine generosity.23
  7. Before you have to go to school Monday, don't forget to pop your zits and put on some Clearasil so you will look pretty for the girls. In the meantime, it is apparent that you don't know very much about liberal Christianity to which I referred, so here is a basic sketch and outline of this topic so that you don't think I just pulled that notion out of my hat: Please forgive Wiki for labeling people... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Christianity
  8. Congratulations genius. Your depth of thought and your contribution to the topic has been profound. You should see someone about that sensitive nerve.
  9. You should mind your own business and quit trying to be an armchair psychiatrist Mr. Lib. You sound like an angry immature teenager.
  10. I don't know what you are talking about or what cathechism you are reading, but it's not Catholic. I am finished discussing this topic with you. Nighty-night SJ.
  11. The greatest commandment to which you refer is a summary of the 10 commandments and represents the vertical and horizontal relationship we should have with God and our neighbor. Remember the Sermon on the Mount? Jesus raised the bar when he said that the commandment not to commit murder doesn't mean just murder - it happens when you hate your brother. He added to and provided more explanation and commentary to the 10 commandments. Adultry is commited when you lust in your heart, not just when you commit the act itself. It is unbiblical and contradictory to Jesus' own words to say the 10 commandments are abolished and don't apply today.
  12. Yeah, liberal is bull$hit. That's exactly my point. Hit a nerve did we lib?
  13. Jesus was 100% human AND 100% God. It's a mystery but it's true. This is unbiblical. Jesus said himself he did not come to abolish the Jewish Mosaic Law but to fulfill it. This had to do with God's acceptance of Gentiles and not just Jews. Jews thought they were exclusively God's people and the dreams revealed to him otherwise. Yes there were some aspects of the Law that formerly were part of God's theocracy in the Old Testament that are no longer applicable, such as dietary laws, but the moral law, i.e., the 10 Commandments are still applicable today even though given to Moses from God in the Old Testament. Are you saying you don't believe these things are actual history? That's what many liberals do to Scripture. They believe what they want and reject what they don't believe is possible; yet, Scripture says that with God, all things are possible. Are you like Thomas Jefferson who didn't believe the miracles of Jesus so he decided to cut out all passages in his Bible which referred to miracles? Many of our Founding Fathers were not Christians but they believed in a Supreme Being, they were Deists. To them God was transcendent, but not immanent.
  14. Fire away! Only libs think there is a Constitutional right not to be offended. Everything good and wholesome and religious (to mention just a few) offends them. Just ignore it say what's on your mind. They will be offended regardless, especially if they don't agree with you.
  15. But no gay deer or cool font? How's a body to know?
  16. Oh, you are talking about when Jesus said that a prophet is not honored in his own town? Yeah, the folks loved that! They tried to throw him off of a cliff to his death.
  17. Ok. I thought is was foreplay. My bad.
  18. Jesus got real angry and threw stuff around. Now that's tough love! I think that because Jesus was (and is) God, that is why He can understand any language. Moses gave God's Law to the people. Jesus fulfilled it. What is an erruption?
  19. The word for that is sargasm. Why is that gay deer's butt right next to the cool face?
  20. Try adding more fiber to your diet. :llama:
  21. Nope, Jesus came to fulfill the law, every jot and tittle completely, not to abolish it. Them's His Words............
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