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  1. I live in Valpo. The 2 H/S's were Huarte/Snow and Hanratty/Seymour.
  2. Nothing wrong with cookin' up some some sweet USC schadenfreude.
  3. Thanks. Another game I watched was against So.Cal. They had, if I recall correctly, a little tank of a running back. I think he was from Hawaii. That might have been the game on a sunny day. It's been a long time since then.
  4. Pillsbury Dough Boy? Welcome Rocknedrive. You a local? I grew up off of Rockne Dr. Thanks all. I grew up in SB on Rockne Drive. What street did you live on? I went to Edison Jr. High. Played linebacker in 6th and QB in 7th grade. Rick Sayers was a year ahead of me. I used to sneak in to the ND games as a kid.(my first QB training) The one I remember watching wide-eyed and amazed (I think this was the one) in the 1960's was Michigan State and ND game which ended in a tie. I snuggled in between an elderly couple who welcomed me on the 50-yard line on what I remember was a beautiful sunny day. (At least that's the way it felt) I recall running on the field after the game and these giants nearly ran me over as they ran back towards the tunnel. Breathtaking and forever memorable! It's friggin' magic to just be there. Rember the two ND "H/S" combos of QB/Reciever? Both were absolutley great!
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