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  1. One thing I really like about how ND is closing out this recruiting cycle is that three of these kids (Hollins, Smythe, Prevot) come from Texas. Even if none commit, ND is making significant connections in that football-rich state.
  2. We've got snow, temperatures in the 20's, and the ultimate recruiter Jaylon next weekend. 'Bama will have temperatures in the 50's and a crystal trophy to help the weekend after. South Bend versus Tuscaloosa. Looks like a toss-up to me.
  3. Like I said, everything's bigger in Texas....
  4. Cockroach is one word, not two. And all types, whether six legs or two, are bigger in Texas. Just sayin'...
  5. There has been tremendous media coverage about all of the ND issues the last few weeks. So many people, on this site and in the media, have had such negative things to say. We're now at a time that kind of reminds me of scene with Ed Harris in the movie 'Apollo 13', a scene where one person says that it is NASA's worst disaster. Harris says, no, it is NASA's finest moment. ND was pounded by 'Bama. Kelly entertained leaving ND. Te'o. Yet, Jack Swarbrick went 'all in' with Te'o, totally backing him with all of ND's reputation at stake. Looks like he did the right thing. Kelly stayed and is putt
  6. 3 Robinsons in one class? Imagine the confusion on the sidelines.
  7. 247 today shows Willis has dropped his interest in ND to 'None'. Had been 'Medium' last time I looked two days ago.
  8. The longer this thing drags on, the more there must be to the story. BK and/or ND could have put it to rest days ago but there has been no public information. I do believe BK has a right to move on to what he perceives to be a better opportunity, whenever and whatever that may be. Current players, coaches, and commits deserve better than this, though.
  9. If BK leaves, I wonder if CK would be interested. He has a 3.5 million buyout. He's apparently interested in a move. Decided against the NFL. Oregon's been successful, but if he wants more of a spotlight, ND would provide it.
  10. Who would you rather have as the head football coach at Notre Dame for the next 5 years? It's pretty apparent we can't have all three remain on the staff: *Brian Kelly *Bob Diaco *Chuck Martin Or, is there someone else out there who could move this thing forward if BK leaves (please, no Gruden mentions)?
  11. Smith is our number 1 recruiter. Heck, all those guys may commit by the 27th!
  12. Interesting group of visitors the weekend of January 25: Vanderdoes, Prevot, Hollins.
  13. I've been wondering what's going on with him. He has been listed as "Medium interest" in ND on all the sites despite taking four officials to other schools and none to ND. Academics supposedly are pretty important to him. Who knows? Sure would be an amazing pick-up.
  14. Heck, if LaRue doesn't visit A&M until mid or late January, he may be their 40th or 41st commit. I guess this oversigning means there will be no 5th years on their team next year?
  15. Too many jump-ball passes last night. EG has a strong arm. I wish they'd utilize it differently and weed-out a lot of the lofted "touch" passes along the sidelines. Yes they may work with Eifert a lot, but he's gone now, and 'Bama had him covered well anyway.
  16. The "Jump Ball Offense" worked against less skilled opponents but will not be the answer over the long run. Not every touchdown needs to be scored using a fade. The offense reminded me of a Charlie Weis scheme: go long on third and short (or fourth and short). BK, though he called some good games during the season, came up with a disastrous plan for the biggest game of his life. I haven't heard post-game interviews yet but I sure hope he takes credit for the game and doesn't lay everything at the feet of the players missing tackles all night long (though there is surely some blame there as wel
  17. Who came up with that game plan for the offense in the first half? Out-coached and out-played the entire game. BK wants an SEC-type team; he's sure getting an up-close-and-personal look at what he needs to do. A bad ending to an otherwise amazing year. Still proud of the team and the coaches. I just feel bad for my high school-age sons who will undoubtedly take some heat on their first day back to school tomorrow.
  18. 247 doesn't list Vanderdoes as scheduled for an official any more. Anyone have news?
  19. I love that these guys get a chance to play against the best in these games, but I wonder when these games become more like the NFL all-star game. The stakes are pretty high.
  20. Coacheshotseat.com. Maybe valid, maybe not. I had read that exact number for BK on another site a while back. He did receive a two year extension in January 2012.
  21. Seems unlikely, given that he signed a two year contract extension in January, but... Let's talk dollars and cents (sense?): Brian Kelly's salary: 2.6 million. Other NCAA coaches of note: Saban 5.5 million, Mack Brown 5.4 million, Urban Meyer 4.3 million, Chip Kelly 3.5 million, Brady Hoke 3.2 million. I'm thinking BK has earned a raise.
  22. The secret's out. According to Nickipedia, Alabama head coach Nick Saban will be the next head coach at the University of Southern California. Saban reportedly will bide his time for one more year at Alabama, waiting for the inevitable dismissal of USC head coach Lane Kiffin. Saban has been known as a program builder, revitalizing teams with glorious football traditions at LSU and Alabama, and USC fits that mold. According to sources, Saban can't wait to ditch Tuscaloosa's fine dining establishments like Kozy's, looking forward instead to the real-deal Hollywood scene. He craves (according to
  23. I've really bought in to the RKG philosophy. It's the entire package, the academics, the coaching, the player mix, that makes a player and a program successful. It's kind of cool to " follow the stars" in the recruiting process, but USC has clearly shown there's more to success than the number of stars the individual recruits come in with (gotta love that Georgia Tech beat down yesterday!). Having said all that, I hope Redfield becomes a stud in what could turn out to be one of the most amazing Irish secondaries in a generation.
  24. Does anyone have news about Bob Diaco and the Wisconsin HC job? I know he's gonna leave for a good HC job some day, but I'm just a selfish guy and want him to hang with ND at least one more year. Plus, I don't want to lose recruits.
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