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  1. I wonder if ND goes with huddles again, possibly concerned that Phil was signaling in plays for ND for a couple years and could give BC some intel on that.
  2. If I recall, the democrats spent 4 years trying to show collusion between Trump and Russia. Because there was just no way Donald could have beaten St. Hillary without actively working with the Russians. If I recall, investigation showed no collusion. I didn’t say anything about Clinton, but rather the Democratic Party. You know, Pelosi’s and Schumer's party and investigation after investigation. Russia may surely have tried to alter the election. No one disputes this. China and Iran probably did too, both in 2016 and in 2020. The US has certainly tried to alter elections in Venezuela,
  3. This sounds an awful lot like how the Democratic Party and those who vote Democrat reacted to the result of the 2016 election and the subsequent 4 years. I guess the Russians just weren’t smart enough this time around... Maybe the Iranians and Chinese were? I wish I could remember the phrase...something about reaping and sowing...
  4. If an ACC coach says that, it must also mean that game planning for ND's multiple tight end formations must be that much more difficult.
  5. True and valid points. Unlikely to accomplish anything. Here's a reasonable synopsis of where things stand and what team Trump is trying to accomplish. I know many of you don't like the source (National Review) but this article does provide a good summary. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/11/trumps-vote-count-lawsuits-the-election-endgame/
  6. I started posting on this site in 2018 that 2020 would be ND’s year. Didn’t predict the pandemic, joining a conference, but I’m sticking with it! Hopefully I won’t have to learn the appropriate oven settings for crow.
  7. I don’t remember hearing TaRiq Bracy’s name called after that long Clemson pass play for a TD. Did he play most of the game? Did ND put in Lewis or someone else?
  8. I saw several posts on FaceBook about this right after the game. I responded with links to photos of the thousands of people in New York and DC celebrating the Biden election and asked, shouldn't adults be held to the same standards as college kids? If people are going to be critical of the college kids, they should be critical of the adults. Heck, Mayor de Blasio of NYC was taking selfies with people in the crowds, even wrapping his exposed bare arms and hands around people's waists and shoulders. No social distancing there! But I digress. This is for the Open Forum I suppose.
  9. Finally! I am so glad to read that someone finally agrees that police officers are entitled to due process. Cases should be tried in the courts, not in the burning streets of America’s great cities.
  10. So to be clear, you won’t accept my challenge to publicly acknowledge that what the Antifa idea supporters did by burning down buildings in Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia was criminal? That type of protest is actually legal and to be accepted as norm? No recourse? I acknowledge that the Oklahoma City bombers committed crimes, and acknowledge that once a court of law decides the people in Michigan are guilty of what has been reported that they too committed crimes (regardless of political ideology/affiliation). I believe the Antifa idealists committed crimes when they burned buildi
  11. It’s interesting that people see things so differently. I’m much more worried about the massive numbers of people calling to ‘burn it down’ related to anyone who says anything they don’t believe or want to hear. I believe those people are more numerous and more of a threat to society as a whole than a family that does a very locally limited protest about one issue they feel strongly about. I don’t agree with that family or how they went about things, but to me that was very limited and local. They didn’t actually take to the streets of cities across the country and literally burn things d
  12. Actually I got the term ‘militia’ from this NY Times article (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/09/us/michigan-militia-whitmer.html). They used the word, I just parroted it. Stupid people on the right. Because, I guess, only people on the right (and maybe all people on the right?) do stupid things. No person on the left has ever beaten or shot police or burned down buildings. I don’t know why people on the left find it impossible to acknowledge that people acting in the name of the idea that is Antifa have actually committed crimes and done horrible things. I’ll freely acknowledge that pe
  13. You just have to open your eyes and watch to ‘see’. As I said, stupid people are present on the right and the left. Stupid Antifa people are burning down buildings and shooting people. We’ve seen that. Stupid militia members plotted to kidnap a governor. They didn’t do it, mind you, but were plotting to do it. We’ve seen that too. So, I’ll watch and see how the process plays itself out. If it’s legal to challenge an outcome of an election, then the losing party has the right to legally challenge it. Stupid people on the left might then do stupid things like shoot more police. Is
  14. Really? You have inside information? And there are just no, NO Antifa people plotting things? Oops. I forgot. Antifa is just an idea, not an organization. So, this 'idea' goes out and literally shoots and kills people (including police), burns down buildings, but it's the Proud Boys who get all the media attention? Please share your inside connections about the right wing terrorists plotting terrorist actions. Maybe you're one of them if you happen to know so much?
  15. I guess we'll see. I just don't think that all those businesses boarded up because they were worried about what people who support Trump would do. There are stupid people who support Trump, and stupid people who support Biden/Harris. Either group can wreak havoc. If somehow Trump's legal challenges change the status, there will be legal challenges from the democrats. In that scenario, though, buildings will actually be burned to the ground, not by Trump supporters. I don't see any buildings burning to the ground by those Trump supporters who believe the election has been stolen. It s
  16. I hope hope somehow ND pulls in one or two more top-end defensive recruits in this class. Hopefully last night's game will create some enthusiasm. That defense was awesome, but they need a continuous stream to keep it going.
  17. I wonder how Harbaugh's back feels this morning. It seems that the monkey that's been on Kelly's back has found a new home.
  18. It just seemed to me that ND was "in it" from the very beginning, though. Book looked confident the entire game. Some of his passes in the first quarter were pretty amazing. Unlike previous years, it just looked like the players actually believed they could/would win. So many times in previous years the team just looked flat or completely out-coached. I saw none of that last night. I do like how Clemson's OC called his game more than I liked how TR called his game, but props to TR. He called a heck of a game, and the O executed it and never looked like they couldn't.
  19. Amazing, really. No drop off in energy by the D in the 4th quarter or overtime. Kudos to strength and conditioning, as well as meaningful depth. I also don't think that we should overlook team speed. While everyone knows Clemson recruits great athletes, ND looked to me to be just as fast at pretty much every position.
  20. I just wish ND would do the same thing to keep Lea that Clemson does to keep Venables. Don’t know how Clemson does it, but keeping Lea is key to ND’s longer term success.
  21. Kyren Williams is a stud. Watch him outrun the Clemson secondary on that awe-inspiring 65 yard dash. Watch him time and time again make the key block to allow Book just enough time to make a play. 140 yards rushing. Maybe one of the best games by an Irish running back I have ever seen.
  22. I wonder where Book will be coaching 10 years from now.
  23. I think it’s one of the great wins. Book has secured his name in ND football lore. Students storming the field was great. Love it. A night for celebration. Anyone who wants to doubt or feel sad or blame students, go right ahead. I guarantee you that you will ALWAYS and forever remember this season and this game.
  24. This team has heart. This team knows it can compete with the big boys. Tom Rees can create a game plan that works. Given a chance, Book can actually throw the ball downfield.
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