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  1. Tremendous numbers of people have no faith in the media, traditional and social. Just waaaay too much left-leaning bias. Having the media tell us who won the election does not cut it. I don’t know if Sidney Powell and her crew have viable information or not. She needs to present it soon. Clearly some posters here believe there’s just no way that the Dominion system could be manipulated in the way she claims it has been. I can’t speak to that. Let’s see what she has. But indeed, let’s see it. If the information she has actually does reasonably suggest massive manipulation has taken place, m
  2. Well, you DO have to take into consideration that he essentially went bankrupt in the process of defending himself, with about $5 million in legal fees. And you have to consider that they also threatened to prosecute his son. As someone who seems to know a lot about how all this works, don't these things factor into how someone pleads? Running out of all money makes one accept deals sometimes, I suspect. I hope to never find out from personal experience.
  3. You might be right. The Donald lacks a lot. Tons of hard-to-fathom claims being made. A ridiculously troubling time...
  4. She is sounding very informed, armed with documentation, and confident in her ability to back-up her claims. Why wouldn't the New York Times at least look at this? The hardware and software involved, if nothing else, would make for an interesting story. She's claiming the software was used on 3% of the votes in Michigan. If true, that would be meaningful. Why do so many people want to rush this? Shouldn't we give time to investigate? This is every bit as important as investigating claims against Kavanagh and Trump. Truly, if ANY of what Powell is claiming turns out to be true, our sys
  5. If that happens, it could be argued that ND might not even be the best team in the state...
  6. I like that word ‘snarky’. Snark-like. Thank you for your insight.
  7. I don’t have the details of what is being presented to the various courts in the various states. Perhaps you have much more information about each and every document presented? When courts see no merit, don’t they dismiss the case? And then don't those cases often get appealed, as per the plaintiff’s right? Or if a court deems merit, doesn’t the other side often appeal? I’m sure you must have more knowledge of these things than me. Please school me on this. I’d really like to learn the facts of what is being presented by team Trump, what has been thrown out, what has not been thrown ou
  8. I’m seriously worried that the season may be about to end. The number of games canceled yesterday is alarming. If play does continue, will there actually be bowl games and a playoff? If play does not continue beyond two or three weeks from now, can a champion be crowned? It doesn’t seem right to allow a team that’s played maybe 5 games to be crowned. It is a HUGE accomplishment for ANY university to play 8 or more games this year. A true reflection of commitment at all levels of the university. Shouldn’t that also be factored in?
  9. Maybe Book wants to graduate and move on? At best he’s a late round pick and a career back-up. Maybe he has other career plans, or maybe like Rees he is thinking about coaching. It doesn’t matter to me what he does after this year. I do think his staying would create problems with the three quarterbacks in the ND pipeline. None will develop if Book is QB for all but 8 plays a game next year.
  10. I wonder who will be coaching at Michigan next year. I just can’t see it being Hairball.
  11. Despite our discussions in the Open Forum, I must admit there are times that I totally agree with you! And this is one of them!
  12. The football team. Real deal or pretenders? They seem to be beating what in other years are very good teams.
  13. I did like your quote. It was very good. I also like your use of the phrase, “the leader of your people”. It is a phrase that has a lot of meaning. If a Neanderthal conservative were to use that phrase in relation to President Biden, then I guess that’s also ‘no harm, no foul’. (See what I did there with Neanderthal?)
  14. Fortunately we live in a country where we all know that there are three branches of the federal government. We don’t (yet) live in a country like Venezuela, Cuba, China, Iran, or Saudi Arabia, where the squashing is real and palpable. Religion cannot dominate government in the US, so I’m not too worried about the US going in the direction of Iran and Saudi Arabia. I don’t think it’s the Trumpster who’s leading the US on its inexorable march to becoming Venezuela though. Heck, California and it’s one party state is already practically there!
  15. This Neanderthal simply posted data from the CDC website. You drew your own conclusions. Here’s more data from the CDC website. Again, draw your own conclusions. It’s simply information publicly available, made public by the CDC. This Neanderthal is not placing any value on the data. It’s just numbers. Numbers are rounded, and as of the most recent CDC updated site. 224,000 deaths. 129,000 total over age 75. 177,000 total over age 65. And with that I’ll stop posting on this thread. Reading that CDC website and doing all that math is much too taxing to my tiny brain.
  16. I don’t know anything about Gohmert (honestly don’t know who he is; a US rep I’m guessing), but Giuliani has lost all credibility.
  17. Players gotta play, coaches gotta coach. If ND players and coaches do their jobs, it shouldn’t be close. Recruiting rankings the last four cycles starting 2020 and working back: ND 18, 15, 10 ,10 BC 62, 64, 71, 67
  18. I think of totalitarians as those who seek to squash the voices of dissent, limit what can be said and printed and what goes over the airwaves, and imprison those deemed a danger to their way of thought. To me that sound much more like the far left wing of the Democratic Party (not the more moderates, although their voices are being drowned out by the rising noise) than the Republican Party. Making lists of those who disagree and publishing them. Doxing. It’s enough to drive people underground. That’s exactly why the pollsters were so very terribly wrong about this election. And
  19. And remember, according to the CDC, the median age of death of those dying with (not necessarily from) COVID is 78. Average life expectancy for a baby born in the US this morning is also 78. Perspective. Not politics. Just stats.
  20. There are a lot of great spots. I'm more familiar with the western side of the metroplex than the Dallas side. As you've seen, it's a large area. It's probably not worth driving an hour to get good food; there's almost certainly something great within 15 to 25 minutes of anywhere you live. A couple of good sources for newer places on the west side of the metroplex are Fort Worth Texas Magazine, and 360 West Magazine. They both have a nice online presence and always try to outdo each other with the newest and greatest everything. They both also always have a yearly 'Best of' magazine. Th
  21. And there you have it. Case closed. Except for those pesky legal issues... https://www.pennlive.com/elections/2020/11/a-trump-win-pa-court-says-commonwealth-secretary-boockvar-lacked-authority-to-extend-ballot-deadline.html Now, it may not be fraud, and it will not likely change the outcome. Again, I don't know what's being presented to the courts. But something is being presented, and it's not all being thrown out. Since it's not all being thrown out, maybe there's something to some of the individual arguments. If Trump wins more of these legal arguments in court, would it be pat
  22. You and I are going to disagree about this forever, and that's fine. I agree that Trump and his minions could use better wording. However, just because you and I don't have all the information available that is being presented to the courts, that doesn't mean that there's nothing valid being presented. Just because a news outlet doesn't report something doesn't mean it didn't happen. I'm pretty sure that citizens of Beijing have no idea about what's happening to the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, for instance. As with any litigation, I prefer to let the legal arguments run their course, rather th
  23. Nicely stated. However, the losing side in a close election will always either question the result or review what they did or didn't do to help them win. In my opinion, rather than damaging electoral processes, I think these types of reviews just make the processes better over the long term. Reviews like these mandate that states "come a long way", just as Florida did after 2000. We don't use chads any more. Perhaps we need to continue to look at, expose, and improve flawed processes across the board. Nothing wrong with that, at least to me.
  24. Embarrassment is subjective. And much like shame and anger, we as individuals and society often learn from these strong emotions and become better. But emotions don’t often win legal arguments. And of course you’re right. It only took them 35 days after the 2000 election to certify the outcome. Bush lead by 1700 votes and it was challenged. They literally brought in chad experts who could discern how a voter meant to vote based on how a chad was hanging. Was that a fiasco or an embarrassment? To many it certainly was. And it took 35 days to figure it out for such small numbers in one st
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