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  1. I’m not positive they did. To my eye it appeared that way. No argument on my end. But there’s no doubt that Saban isn’t known for doing that. So, either way, ND surely looks better. Maybe the people who do the final rankings should ask the ‘Bama players which team they thought was harder to play, OSU or ND? I wonder what the answer would be and how that might affect the final rankings.
  2. Truly an unfrickingbelievable performance. And the design of the plays. Spectacular. And Jones’ perfect delivery of the ball. I hate Alabama. But this is really a masterpiece offensively.
  3. This ‘Bama performance makes ND look more respectable. Even if ‘Bama took their foot off the pedal in the second half against the Irish, they were full throttle in the first half. ND didn’t allow 28 points in that half, and ultimately only allowed 31. OSU is loaded with 5 star talent. ND is not. I’m digging this first half on so many levels. Just hope OSU does not win.
  4. Purdue is apparently interested in Elston for DC and D-line coach.
  5. Per 24/7 he is committed but has not yet signed.
  6. I had forgotten that ND plays Cincinnati next year, and that Denbrock is their OC. Adds a little to that game.
  7. That’s crazy! There’s a good story buried in there somewhere.
  8. Probably the most important recruit of the cycle. I wonder what the pay differential will be between the OC and the DC next year. Tommy will be a hot commodity soon enough...
  9. And that's the season with our easiest schedule for a few years to come. The 2022 and 2023 schedules are a bit more daunting. 2021: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2021/team/notre-dame 2022: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2022/team/notre-dame 2023: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2023/team/notre-dame That 2018 recruiting class has completely fallen apart. Austin seems to be the last man standing. With Lewis seeming to have passed Bracy on the depth chart, I wonder if Bracy will leave too.
  10. Nice post. I agree. Been through the coaching search and misery before. No guarantees of finding someone better. Texas just fired another coach and would probably love to have Mack Brown back now. Maybe Kelly doesn’t work as hard on recruiting as he could. None of us can tell. We’re not in the rooms or on the phones. I’d love to win a big game, just like every passionate ND fan including each person posting in this thread. I’m sad but happy at the same time. Proud of what ND accomplished this year and looking forward to what comes next.
  11. https://apple.news/AeWswM6kzNdW_6meE8mfWnQ Apparently there is some thought at Texas about potentially looking at Kelly. Seems completely unlikely, of course. But Texas has been stumbling blindly in the night for years, much like ND had been before Kelly.
  12. How valid are polls after bowl season now? Florida played 11 true freshman on defense against Oklahoma because so many players opted out. They got crushed. Does that mean Oklahoma and their 55 points should move way up the polls? Auburn lost to Northwestern but had a lot of opt outs. It seems like players will only all play if they’re in the playoffs. How can a final poll be meaningful any more?
  13. Ceyair Wright: Did you watch the Rose Bowl? You can start for ND next year, or you can sit on the bench for two at USC. ND has been in the playoffs twice; USC has never been there. How big of a stage do you want?
  14. I’ve loved Book. In the end, players gotta make plays. He didn’t. The result doesn’t fall on him alone. But he just made too many bad throws today. Unforced errors. Every play matters. This team started the last two games as of there were do-overs allowed. On to next year.
  15. Continuing my wildly irrational prediction... Halftime ND 17, Alabama 14. End of 3: Alabama 28, ND 17. Final: ND 31, Alabama 28. Turnovers play a key role. I’m an absolute homer, no doubt.
  16. It’s all gravy. I’ve been predicting ND as 2020 champions since 2018. It starts today. ND 31, Alabama 28. And IF ND gets blown out? I’m still so so proud of what ND has accomplished. The administration, players, coaches, student body, housekeeping staff, groundskeeping staff, food service staff, medical staff, travel service, and families have set a new standard for the definition of ‘team’ this year. Just unfreakingbelievable that any team has travelled, played, and won as many games as ND has in this wildest of years. Congratulations to each and every one of them.
  17. I agree about SEC bias. But, neutral field, number 8 Northwestern or number 9 Georgia? I'd take Georgia in that game. I'd probably take (#10) Miami over both of them. Glad to see PAC12 teams at 15 and 18. Only 3 games. If Oregon gets into the playoff after only playing 5 games, that would be a travesty.
  18. Okay. You got me. Case closed. You win. But just to clarify...you actually know someone who doesn’t know what Antifa is? Really? I don’t. I do appreciate that you’ve upped your game and provide references now. Some of them are pretty good. I just don’t seem to have the amount of time necessary to delve into methodology of research and reporting of some of those references, but some are indeed pretty good on the surface. I can’t remember claiming to be a victim. I’m glad you can’t see me vote. It might be too messy to have to clean up your blown mind. Thank you for this nice Sunday
  19. I love Germany. Don’t make assume. When you do.... Please define far right wing country. And again, you’re assuming I want a far right wing country. When you assume... I’m all for balance. I think it is necessary for a country to succeed. I don’t ever want one party controlling all branches of government. Whether at the federal or state level I think that’s important. Using colorful language doesn’t strengthen a discussion. I do actually care about representatives who live 2500 miles away from me. If they are voting on financial and judicial matters that affect me, it matters.
  20. Good grief. That’s pretty much all I can say. But since you’ve baited me... Of course, and as I’ve stated previously, the US can never turn into a country dominated by one religion, like the countries you listed above. Not good examples. Germany is certainly a nice country. Two dominant political parties and three others that play a significant role in forming coalitions. The US doesn’t have that. The US also spends billions and billions of dollars there to keep the Russians away. In the US the left screams how terrible it is that the current president is trying to make Germany bec
  21. I guess Republicans would say that we’ve had 4 years of one-sided media and 4 years of House investigations and 1 year of “peaceful protests”. Anyone who doesn’t think the US could end up like Venezuela is ignoring the left wing of the Democratic Party circa 2020. And the left wing now occupies the Vice Presidency. Omar and Cortez weren’t in the House in 2015. Again, Biden by himself would probably be okay. He forced himself into a corner when he said he’d pick a woman as VP. I believe Republicans in general have no problem with a woman or and African American as VP or President. But
  22. What does the 42-35 result at OSU tell us? OSU over-rated? IU the real thing? I didn’t watch the game. Surprised IU was that close and had the ball with under 4 minutes to go.
  23. It is time to see what Sidney has. It seems to me that all Republicans are viewed as die-hard Trump supporters. Of course they’re not, but it seems like those on the left see it that way. I suspect most Republicans are terrified at the prospects of the far left wing of the Democratic Party dominating the agenda and sending this country spiraling toward a Venezuela-like end. Biden by himself without Kamala would probably be okay. Add in Kamala and it’s a disaster in the making. Those peaceful protestors screaming with megaphones into diners’ faces and throwing fire crackers on them wi
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