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  1. Just looking at the other schools involved, I'd say ND is not a likely final destination. Maybe a game day destination as a Hurricane when Miami plays at ND in 2024.
  2. Happy birthday! Thank you for what and how you post. Great stuff always!
  3. When I see a story like this it always makes me think of an old friend. A few years ago he just disappeared. Groups of us searched for days and days all over the area. He had committed suicide. Found in his car in a remote area. I truly hope Louis is okay. The story and my personal experience make me worry about the outcome.
  4. Are there dbag specialty hospitals? Dbag-ectomy specialists? Those would never go out of business.
  5. On Mars! Just absolutely amazing that they made this happen during the pandemic. Way cool. https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/
  6. I had forgotten the Kim Dunbar story. Here’s a nice recap: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/353697-notre-dames-ncaa-infractions-ten-years-later She was sentenced to 4 years in prison for embezzlement, reduced to two years, then released after one.
  7. While there's often disagreement about individual recruits and recruiting in general, I must admit that I truly appreciate the discussions. I'm pretty simple and never played football. I can't tell a good throwing motion from a bad one. Can't tell if a guy runs with his pads too high or if a guy runs good routes. All I see in recruiting is height, weight, position, star ranking, and offers. I base my thoughts primarily off that, coupled with the discussions that take place here. Recruiting insiders may have more insight into a player's character and GPA. Those are obviously consi
  8. I’d love to see them get Texas or TCU on the schedule. We need better recruiting out of Texas. Could play TCU at the Cowboys stadium as part of a home-and-home series; their own stadium is too small for ND to have an interest.
  9. ND’s schedules are loaded in the coming years. Ohio State ‘22, ‘23 Texas A&M ‘24, ‘25 Alabama ‘28, ‘29 Florida ‘31, ‘32 Throw in a bunch of games with Clemson and the usual games with USC. The only thing I don’t like is that ND plays OSU in the first game of those two years. Probably out of playoff consideration after week one. Hopefully Saban retires before ‘28.
  10. Interesting article. The transfer portal looks like it really may impact a lot of high school seniors' ability to get scholarships in the future.
  11. Of course only time will tell. According to 24/7, Clark was rated .87 coming out of high school and his best offers were from Clemson, ND, and North Carolina. He’s 6’2”. Pyne was rated .91 and had offers from Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Penn State, Michigan, Oklahoma, ND, and North Carolina. He’s 6’0”. I know I can’t evaluate high school quarterbacks. I believe major college programs are better at it than me. I like Pyne’s offer list a lot more than Clark’s. Clark could turn out to be the guy. It seems more likely to me, given his health history and the evaluations of other college programs,
  12. I believe this is at least a 9 win regular season team. More likely 10 or 11. But you’re of course right. O-line will determine a lot. I think Rees’ development as O coordinator will be even more important than that though.
  13. If no injuries between now and then, it almost has to be Coan. Wouldn't surprise me to see Pyne play a bit in the first game. Poor Clark. Doubt he plays a game at ND other than in the Senior Day game. Pyne, Coan. Gotta have a little fun with names...
  14. I would have thought that ACC teams would place more emphasis on conference games. Specifically when playing Clemson. But they didn’t. Only Georgia Tech and Florida State play both Clemson and ND in 2021. Duke doesn’t play either. And NONE of the teams that play Clemson have an open week the week before the Clemson game. Just a really odd quirk across multiple team schedules, or is beating ND really important to them...(?). https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2021-01-29/2021-acc-football-schedule-games-dates-matchups
  15. I agree. ND won a lot of games with Book as QB. Haskins, with the same players and coaches and schedule, might have won a game or two more. Of course he could have lost a close game here or there. Eason? Maybe the same as Haskins. Possibly. I don’t believe ND has had a sophisticated offense or a QB who could run one. That point was made clear to me as I watched Alabama dismantle OSU. I had completely underrated ‘Bama’s QB until I saw him make the perfect reads as his receivers went in motion. Rees doesn’t have the ability yet to design that type of offense, Book probably couldn’t h
  16. Help me understand your answer. Here’s what I see. Haskins completed his career with the team that recruited him. Over the time he was there, OSU had 7 five star players on offense and 8 on defense. He certainly had a good career at OSU. ND is ND in terms of recruiting. More like Michigan than OSU. You could argue, I suppose, that if Haskins had played at ND, more 5 star recruits would have followed. I doubt that’s true, but I suppose maybe one or two.. which leads me to... Shea Patterson. Recruited to Ole Miss, transferred to Michigan. During his time there Michigan recruited one 5 sta
  17. Here were the other QB’s that ND was recruiting in 2016, Book’s year: Shea Patterson, Jacob Eason, Malik Henry, and Dwayne Haskins. 2 of these are backups in the NFL, one plays wide receiver in the CFL, and one isn’t playing anywhere I think. Would one of those QB’s have won more games than Book over the same time? Would one of those have taken ND to the playoffs more than twice? Would one of those QB’s have won a national championship over the same time? I think the answer is no to each of those questions. Of course we will never know.
  18. Thank you. All I can think is, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Because, I'm thinkin' that's a lion, not a tiger. But I'm bearish on this anyway. Oh my.
  19. I'm clearly not emoji-proficient. Reading from left to right, it looks like Alabama, Oregon, then ?? is that an anchor or is that Arizona State, Texas?, Georgia, a lion?, a rocket?
  20. It sounds like Elston played a big role in Ford’s recruitment. Almost as if he told Ford he will be staying. I don’t know that he did say he’ll be around but that’s the impression I’m getting from what I’ve read.
  21. 24/7 had Hayes listed as a 4 star outside linebacker with a .9409 rating. Other services may have had him listed differently. I’m just looking at how 24/7 listed players during their respective recruiting cycles. What position they may have ended up playing at ND may have varied from how they were listed during their recruiting.
  22. Adding some perspective, the last defensive lineman who enrolled and played for ND who was ranked as highly on 24/7 was Sheldon Day. He was in the 2012 recruiting class. Tuitt was more highly rated and was in the 2011 class. Lynch was in that class too, but obviously didn’t stick at ND. An entire decade between D-lineman ranked that high. Wow. And that’s IF it happens.
  23. According to CBS sports, 8 of the last 12 semifinal games have been decided by at least 17 points. Since the playoffs began, the average margin of victory in semifinal and final games is almost 19 points. And that was as of December 29th; stats in the article don't include last night's game. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/is-the-college-football-playoff-delivering-on-its-promise-blowouts-lack-of-upsets-suggest-otherwise/
  24. ND has finished the season ranked #5 in two of the last three seasons. Seems pretty great to me.
  25. True. I wonder how those who do the rankings interpret the results over the last two weeks. Oklahoma beat up a Florida team that had I think 9 starters out of the game. Texas A&M beat North Carolina by the same margin as ND but lost to Alabama by more than ND. ‘Bama blows out ND and OSU, yet ND held ‘Bama to its lowest point total in two years. OSU beats up on Clemson, which had beaten up ND the week before. I’m guessing ND ends up 5 or 6, but could see them staying at 4.
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