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  1. 2 hours ago, Bulldog said:

    I know it was a rough loss for the Notre Dame baseball team and fan base but having watched every minute of the three games, I feel that Mississippi State was fortunate to beat the best team that did not make it to Omaha and a better team than some that did. As we all know, baseball is a wonderful but fickle game and except for only one team the post season always ends in a loss. Dudy Noble Field is a special place where Norte Dame teams have played in the past and hopefully will play there again with you in the stands or maybe the Left Field Lounge.  Good luck to your team next year. Best wishes from a Mississippi State Bulldog and a new Domer.  Go Irish!

    Thank you for the post.  I'm hoping Link Jarrett sticks around South Bend several years and develops this program into a consistent post-season presence.

  2. 16 hours ago, ObieKnobbe said:

    God their fans are a bunch of southern idiots.  I'll be sure to harass them when I goto a few of the games.  Great season Irish and we can at least say we have class!

    Being from the south, I'm not quite sure how to take that comment.

    Would you call a bunch of poorly-acting Ohio State fans or Boston College fans 'northern idiots', or just idiots?   Maybe leave the geographical modifiers off the term 'idiots', unless there really is a difference between idiots who live in the north versus those who live in the south, west, or east?

    I didn't watch the game but followed the score through the night.  That stadium holds about 15,000 people.  ND's Eck Stadium holds 2,500.  A raucous crowd like that would be amazing to see at ND.  I'm hoping Link sticks around a while and can get ND back to super regional after super regional, if not the CWS.

  3. If ND were to be ranked 5-8 they would have an additional home game. Big bucks, good television exposure. 
    If they win, then it’s on to a neutral site game.  It seems in a way that the most highly rated conference champion teams (the 1-4 seeds) are penalized because they would only play neutral site games, no home games. 

    I think this system will ultimately dilute the talent pool a bit, taking a few players away from the usual 3-4 teams that dominate recruiting. Of course only time will tell, and this is probably at least a few years from happening. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, Big23Head said:

    Lots happening this past week and early this week with regard to 2023 and 2024 kids but some 2022 sneaking in too




    With offers from Princeton, Yale, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, and Cal Berkeley, it appears that Ayomanor is a very good student.  The only other 'major' offers seem to be Penn State, Tennessee, and Ole Miss.  He appears to be unranked.  Is this due to his level of competition?

  5. 2 hours ago, D Fence said:

    Yes, not wishing the summer along by any means, but can't wait to see how these visits go this month and how our class shapes up.

    This linebacker class could be ridiculously good...

  6. I love the idea that they want to win a championship.  Of course, most probably agree that should be the goal almost every year.  However, in the article they talk about a "window" of time and a "sense of urgency" to do it.  As I look at the upcoming schedules, it seems to me that they'll need to win the championship this year then.  After this year, ND plays both Ohio State and Clemson in 2022 and 2023, in addition to an improving USC.  Maybe ND could pull it off in 2024, but does anyone really expect Freeman to be on the ND sidelines in 2024?

  7. 6 hours ago, FaithInIrishForever said:

    When I look at Diggs and particularly Estime, I 'm happy with ND's future at RB.

    I could even see a formation with 3 backs. No not the wishbone.


    Imagine ND is at the opponents 5 yard line 5 yards from a TD. You Got Estime or Diggs in the backfield, Tyree slot left, Williams slot right. You could hand to the big back or motion either Tyree or Williams in the backfield to take a sweep run. I know just Dreaming in X's and O's again. But that would be fun.

    Here's a reference video.


    Put Mayer on the field with that and the defense would have a very difficult time I think. 

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  8. I hope that Jordan Johnson gets a ton of playing time and becomes everything we all hoped he would be when he signed his LOI.

    However, I have no idea what the 'issues' are that keep him from playing more.  Kelly has a team to run.  He has a culture he has curated.  He has been to the playoffs two times in three years because of the things he has been doing.  If Johnson is doing something off the field that counters the culture, if he has been having academic issues or recreational herbal issues or something else, Kelly has to impart discipline to Johnson just as he would to anyone else.  

    If Johnson is not performing during practice at the level of the other receivers, I'm all for Kelly playing the other receivers.

    Johnson has to earn it, like everyone else.  Again, I have no idea what the issues are.  I don't think Kelly is an idiot.  I believe Kelly can identify talent better than I can.  Kelly wants to win.  

    I want Johnson to be a first round pick on draft day some day, having demonstrated his immense talents on the field while a member of the Fighting Irish.  Earn it, Jordan.

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  9. 6 hours ago, jimbo said:

    I realize we're only seeing pretty short clips from the practices, but Drew Pyne throws a really nice ball.

    I keep reading how Coan stays in the pocket and looks downfield. I know very knowledgeable people love that in a QB. I personally don’t care if a QB stands in the pocket. I want a QB who can consistently drive the team down the field to score. However that gets done. If a guy who takes a sack per drive because he stays in the pocket is able to move the team to score consistently, that’s the guy I want. If a QB who can’t see over the Oline and has to role out consistently moves the team to score, that’s the guy I want. 
    Just score baby. However you do it. 
    I like Pyne. Voted for him in the QB poll. He throws a nice ball, and in the videos it seems to me fewer of his passes are intercepted or broken up than Coan’s. I realize we’re only seeing three minute clips so who really knows?

  10. I think ND has the players right now to be very very successful.

    IMO Rees is the key.  Hard to believe that he is ND's OC, but he is.  If he can design an offense to the strengths of the players, if he can create a dynamic game plan for each opponent, and if he can make effective in-game adjustments, I believe ND will surprise people and maybe go 11-1 regular season.  

    On offense, as it stands, I don't see that a major injury at one or two positions will derail things.  Depth is there.  I think the O-line will be good at the start of the season and excellent later in the season.  I'm a homer, for sure.  Too optimistic maybe.

    ND was very successful with Book.  I believe ND can be at least as successful with the QB's on the team right now, even if one goes down.  I loved Book but believe Pyne will be better and Coan could be better.  IF Rees can modify the offense to fit these guys.

    Rees, to me, is the key to the entire season.

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  11. Everyone I know who has been to USC says it's a beautiful campus.  Apparently they're even upgrading the surrounding neighborhood.

    I've only been to Lubbock once, and that wasn't for a game.  Never been to Tech.  Maybe that's the issue.  Maybe a lot of fans from outside the state don't travel to that relatively isolated place?  

    TCU's campus has undergone a MAJOR upgrade during the Patterson era.  No way it would have happened without their team being successful.  The change has been dramatic.

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