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  1. I think Buchner starts next year and for two years after that. If ND lands one of the high level QB recruits they’re after for the 2023 class, Pyne and Clark will be signaling in plays from the sidelines on game days I think.
  2. My biggest question is : Who transfers first, Pyne or Clark? If they’re both satisfied to be the forever backup QB, maybe neither leaves?
  3. Fuller from Kizer against Virginia. One of my all time favorite clutch plays.
  4. That’s a great video. Forgot how good Golson could be.
  5. Jackie Young, who won a championship with the 2018 team, just won the first-ever Olympics 3x3 women’s basketball gold medal.
  6. Lee Kiefer, a woman who did fencing at ND and is now a medical student at the University of Kentucky, just won the first gold medal ever for the US in foil at the Olympics.
  7. I’ve said it before. In my opinion the entire season rests on Rees. His ability, or lack thereof, to be innovative and optimize production from the players he has will make or beak the season. ND has talent all over the offense, with meaningful depth. While maybe lacking college game time experience in some areas, the talent is there. Tommy boy, it’s up to you.
  8. Honestly I’m terribly embarrassed. I had no idea that Williams was the coach of the Suns until today. I don’t follow the NBA closely. All I had seen was Connaughton’s name in box scores as a player coming off the bench for the Bucks and thought that’s pretty cool. Just today I found out that Monty Williams is the Suns’ head coach. Would absolutely be amazing for him to win too.
  9. One more win for the Bucks and Pat Connaughton will be an NBA champion. Cool for him.
  10. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/former-buc-shot-dead-by-police/ Maybe a topic to move elsewhere. A conflict, police called, he ran, battled with police, grabbed one of their weapons... Who truly knows what happened? Demetrius knew, and the officers involved knew.
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