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  1. Any way to include a football schedule? I'd like to have one here, rather than having to go somewhere else to see when a game is coming up. Not a bit deal really, but might be of interest.
  2. ND baseball is actually very good. Under the radar, but very good. Last year they were 11-2 before the season ended. New coach, better recruiting. Worth keeping an eye on.
  3. I get what you’re saying. But, I don’t know what being a moderator entails. I think moderators should be allowed to express their beliefs just like everyone else. I have never, in 9 years, found that a moderator deleted or ‘jailed’ a poster who had differing beliefs. The only interdictions I have seen were done because of a poster or two clearly violating anyone’s sense of decency, using racial slurs, for instance. I agree that sometimes posters state things that seem imprecise or even just crazy. But unless they violate clear community standards, I say go for it, moderator or not. As
  4. I’d like it to be easier to see that I’m still signed in. It’s not hard to click to find out, but I’d prefer something showing that I’m signed in without having to look for it.
  5. Been a member since 2012. Love the sporting insight provided by so many knowledgeable posters. Love the passion. People often don’t agree, and it can get heated, but that’s part of the fun. I used to post a lot on the forum but stopped. Found it to be too much like Facebook. Too many people trying to change other peoples’ minds but never changing anyone’s mind. On FB people just unfriend each other. I believe I’d like almost everyone who posts on DomerDomain, but the forum often goes too dark and becomes too deeply personally insulting for me. And, I don’t really have the time to pull a lo
  6. I think people should post what they want. I agree that it’s a bad look when people post odd or crazy things. But, what’s a conspiracy theory today may turn out to be the real truth tomorrow. Support with evidence, not feelings, what you post.
  7. Pyne looks pretty good to me in this video. I know a lot of people here don't like his height and supposed lack of arm strength, but winners just win. Coan seems to have the inside track to the starting job, but in these videos it seems like he throws into traffic a lot. Clearly it's just the second spring practice. A lot of time to sort it out. I'll be happy with whoever the staff thinks will give ND the best chance to win. I hope that ND has plenty of opportunities to bring in the backup during games this year so he can get meaningful playing time, and not just to hand off the ball.
  8. Great stuff. "We gotta out score 'em". I hear this guy has some street cred.
  9. Must have been a micro-brewery then?!
  10. I’ll admit I don’t follow basketball (women’s or men’s) closely. But, it seems like people here have been concerned about the ability of women on this team. Losing two freshmen who were 5 star recruits makes me wonder a bit. I guess the team has enough talent returning to overcome the loss of two 5 stars?
  11. 3 freshmen transferring out. What’s going on with this team? https://www.wndu.com/2021/03/20/three-notre-dame-womens-basketball-players-enter-transfer-portal/
  12. That's a really interesting letter. I have no idea what the issues were, but the signatories raise some good points.
  13. Snowball fights! We used to play tic-tac-toe, throwing snowballs at Pasquerilla West windows after leaving the north dining hall. PW conveniently had groups of 9 windows, 3 rows and 3 columns. In March some of the windows were left open. Just too easy to pass up. Lots of great snow stories.
  14. You must have been one of the first residents in Grace. "4 walks!"
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