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  1. Watch some of the player interviews with Bama, Clemson, LSU, Ohio State and Florida types...these guys better hope/pray they make the NFL or they won't be able to make it in "real life" with a career in a 9 to 5 job. Its sad actually how dumb some of these morons are but they are pushed along in these football factories. One bad injury, or off field shooting, rape, dog fighting, etc "incident" and its all over for these guys.
  2. Christ is born. Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  3. Love it and we totally deserve to be there. Any word on how bad Hamilton injury was/is? Will he be ready in 10 days basically? We have nothing to lose vs Bama...so I hope Rees and Kelly just let the chips fall where they may and we are aggressive.
  4. One key stat, I think he is 1-6 vs Michigan State and O$U. Getting paid $8M per year, when he was hired, to contemplate such a horrible record against his rivals can't be acceptable for them...even if he is a "michigan man". Ps his win against us was in a monsoon. If we played them this year even at michigan, I think everyone knows we curb stomp them. Wait until o$u plays them later on this year, if day wants, they might be able to put up 70 or 80 points with ease.
  5. Fully agreed. We took care of business on and off the field. Do not give into the losers looking for excuses as their seasons implode (looking at you Harbaugh, Franklin, etc).
  6. If he wants back, by all means he's welcome. Next year is setting up really nicely to win it all. No Lawrence at Clemson, no Fields at O$U. Our "big" games are all at home. Then let Buchner get a year under his belt watching/learning, and then he takes over in 2022.
  7. Book was great again. In full command and we dominated. As for Jurk, am still pissed that one pick off by Hamilton was called back for some PHANTOM face mask. Wherever this phantom call happened, had nothing to do with Jurkovec's horroble throw right to Hamilton. Jurk also got super lucky on another throw Hamilton could have picked off. Book vs Jurk? Man vs boy....its no wonder Jurkovec bailed, Book is miles better.
  8. Would love it if my son saw us win. He's 14 and loves the Irish as much as I do and I took him last summer to campus on the way back from Chicago. We will go watch a game next year in person. (the carrot is, get top marks and I'll take you, so he's working his butt off in grade 9 with top marks.... He's a fan of all my teams also. First and foremost, as my name suggests, I am Croatian, and live and die with the Croatian National soccer team. We came so close getting to the WC final. The odds of Croatia winning the WC or Euros are not great, but praying one day, me and my son can watch us win. He's seen Toronto FC win MLS. He's seen the Toronto Raptors win the NBA. He won't see the Maple Leafs win a Cup (neither have I in my lifetime). But ND, there is a shot to do it, sooner or later. And it will be a great day watching it happen again. I remember our last one like it was yesterday and can't wait to experience it again. Go Irish!
  9. Good observation. I forgot about that. We did move the ball at will though I though. Baby Gronk dropping that sure TD on like the 2...and then the unlucky Book fumble going into the endzone were bad luck and would have been two more TDs. We shot ourselves in the foot also on the Mayer offsides second possession or would have had another. Score even one of those and it couild have ended up being a route. Proud of the boys.
  10. The bandwagon Clemson fans who arrived post 2015 are hilarious. Their tears taste delicious. Apparently only they had injuries. Apparently only we got luck. Apparently only they got penalties....f them. Late in the game, a total missed facemask on our guy not called. Late in the game, PI on Ben, flag thrown but Dabo shows zero class and goes ballastic on the refs and they pick up the flag...that was a critical no call. They should also consider themselves VERY luckly on the Book fumble...he was going into the endzone. At the very least, we are on the three and eventually score and take the lead. They mocked us...and said they destroy us....and bam, we punched them right back in the mouth and manhandled them. And got the deserved win. PS oh yeah, F "big dave". Sick and tired of seeing/hearing about him.
  11. So happy we won not only for us, but mostly for Book. The Book isn't good enough...we'll never win a "big" game with him crap stops now. When he fumbled, I was heartbroken for him thinking he'll always remember that play and so will ND fans...and so glad he led us down field to tie the game in regulation and then to the win. Gutsy play, some great runs and led us back from the brink. He is a great student athlete and so happy for him getting us the win last night.
  12. What I learned? Sick and tired of hearing and seeing "Big Dave" ffs. No offense, no one gives a s.hit about him. Every player has a father who loves watching them and cheers him on. Hope "Big Dave" enjoyed watching us storm the field in victory.
  13. Yeah, it was clearly pass interference...and Dabo going nuts on the refs who picked up the flag had me pulling out my hair. Truth be told, I lost a lot of respect for Dabo on that play. Yes, he wants to win, but berating the refs and getting a call overturned especially such a critical one near the end just felt slimey to me as it really did almost cost us the game. And I was sick and tired of seeing the camera on dabo and venables and "big dave" ffs. How about ND? They were in OUR house. So glad we won. This I hope is a program changer. Now, I just I hope we can avoid the letdown vs BC. But nevertheless the "Kelly can't win a big game" narrative is done now. Huge...huge....huge win.
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