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  1. Rees in his 5th year wont be all that bad. I bet Zaire is going to play quite a bit as well. Throw Hendrix in for those straight up the middle psycho red zone plays and it should be a fun season. They might even make a BCS game.
  2. I support any coach who can get ND into a major bowl game every year as long as he doesnt break a ton of rules and get ND on probation. Id take Meyer or Saban in a hearbeat as well. Kelly seems to have the same "driving myself to a heart attack" quality that Meyer and Saban both have. Those are the only two coaches Id take over Kelly. To hell with the rest. Seriously though, college football is a big business when you are talking about the top programs. These big time coaches are going to get hit up every year by the NFL, naturally they are going to look. Kelly can actually use this to his adv
  3. Yep, I bet they are trying to get Kelly and Co. for as little money as possible. Honestly though what business doesnt want to save money? Kelly probably is saying "look fellas I can get you to the championship game with what I have but its going to be tough to do this every year. My staff is going to bolt for money when they get the opportunity and I cant keep hiring new guys and train them up every few years. If you want to get to the next level Im going to need more money. If I dont get more money I cant win it all and then theres no point in me being here. I want to be somewhere where every
  4. Zibby, I like your version. Here's one I thought up and I hope its not correct. ND got stomped by Bama and Kelly came to the realization he cant compete with these guys unless he has certain concessions from university which he is trying to get. He will also lose his assistants unless they get more money. He deserves more money since he's better than about 40 others coaches who get more money than him. Hopefully it all works out and they secure him for about 5 more years.
  5. Bama is so awesome they could beat most of teams in the NFL. In fact about 6 or 8 teams in the SEC should just move straight on up and quit wasting time in the NCAA. I dont even see why they should have to play bowl games and fiddle around with such unworthy competition.
  6. ND has recruited enough 5* to win several BCS games and maybe even the title game in the past 10 years. I guess their only excuse has been piss poor coaching. What could a team like Boise State or TCU do with ND's talent? The one area ND hasnt recruited well in has been coaching. Still waiting to see if Kelly is the answer. The jury is still out on that one. Lets hope he is.
  7. I'll be completely shocked if he lasts even a year at USF considering he wont be able to play football. I doubt the drama storm that surrounds him will go away anytime soon.
  8. This whole thing is crazy, naturally you let him back on the team. Afterall, most fans have been begging for a player like him for a long time. He's a kid who has been really mixed up for a while. The team needs to put a big totally hetero bro hug on him, help him get his mind right, and prepare to slaughter Michigan and USC. It wouldnt hurt to get his mom and girlfriend in SB if possible. Whatever helps him out makes him a better person for everyone involved. In other words help him make the wise choice and tough it out for a few more years and then cash in big time.
  9. Yeah, "a lot of kids talk this way" but also a lot of those kids wont be going to D1 universities. Many teams and not just ND might consider passing on him because of this. They dont want someone coming in who brings a lot of baggage with them. Its not worth the time and effort for a coach. It may not be a deal breaker but it sure as hell doesnt help. Also something to consider is maybe ND might be too square for him.
  10. UT's crappy running game was the fault of the OC not the line coach. I think (hope) he's going to do just fine.
  11. wave Im not talking about being paralyzed, Im talking about those little injuries that keep you from getting into the NFL. Many players are never quite right again after a few knee or back surgeries etc. If I was a kid getting ready to sign the LOI it would definitely be at a school that would let me get a real degree I could fall back on. Oh well, Im sure Kelly and company are pointing all that stuff out to these kids.
  12. All it takes is one split second in practice or a game to end it all for any athlete, even the fastest ones. All Im going to say at this point is I thank God I chose ND. I have a great degree and it allowed me to walk into the graduate school of my choice.
  13. Its not as bad as it looks. Cant remember where I read it in the last few days but Kelly has had the best back to back years since Holz. I believe its in more than one category as well and not just wins. ND is just a good QB away from serious success. So if one of the two younger studs steps up all will be well because it sure aint going to be Rees. What I still cant figure out though is why Kelly adjusted and turned down the offense for Rees but didnt adjust it for Crist. Crist was expected to run the fully amped up offense. I read this from one of the "experts" on Rivals so dont argue with m
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