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  1. it always sucks to lose a quality receiver. was he really going to be taking the starting spot of someone more talented? if not then losing him hurts the 2019 offense.
  2. wasn't there someone named Urban Meyer that said Notre Dame was his dream job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. IMO ND often wins despite Kelly, not because of Kelly. the sooner ND can move on and get a better coach the better the future could be. that is provided that is a good enough coach, and maybe that is the issue.
  4. millions of people across America know Notre Dame because of college football. this is Notre Dame. if the university would rather keep it's academic levels then ND football is already at a disadvantage.
  5. the bottom line is ND wasn't ready and it showed on the field.
  6. if pigs had wings they could fly, but they don't. ND is already handcuffed with something that isn't even about on the field play and that is unfair. ND football should be on the same level of playing field as anyone else.
  7. Georgia didn't deserve to be in the playoffs, they lost twice.
  8. ND 3 points would be the fewest EVER in a playoff game. that is pathetic.
  9. unfortunately this is what I was thinking. ND's best chance to make the playoffs in the near future is either joining a conference or if the playoffs are expanded. ND 12-0 in another season with other quality teams and it could be easy for ND to get denied.
  10. sadly yes. I've already seen people on the twitter machine saying 2 loss Georgia got screwed.
  11. benching Book now only hurts the future. he is the starting QB next season.
  12. to say ND did not belong in this game is hogwash. undefeated 12-0. you play the teams on your schedule and ND didn't lose a single game. ND wasn't ready for this game, and that is partly the fault of coaches/Kelly.
  13. players have to have accountability, but it's hard to overcome coaching decisions.
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