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  1. Lea should have stayed at Notre Dame.
  2. 3 or 4 losses is a very realistic probability.
  3. Yes BK has brought ND back to being respectable but the fact remains that when the spotlight is on him he fails miserably. He can't get his team prepared for the big game.
  4. I'm not going to call for Freeman's head after 1 game but his decisions in the 2nd half get you wondering what was he thinking?
  5. The 3-3-5 was the start of the FSU comeback. Why ND changed is anyone's guess. The O line was/is terrible. Hopefully the coaches will make the needed changes after watching the game tapes.
  6. Glad to see Clemson get beat but if they find an offense this season they will be tough.
  7. It's all about $$$. ND is no different than any other school when $$$ is involved.
  8. BK knows Jack has his back so he faces zero pressure.
  9. Looking for their 5th HC in 12 seasons.
  10. Sounds like Kelly has one hell of an ego that needs to be stroked. The Little Big Man Syndrome who can't handle the truth.
  11. Again with the language and name calling? Can't you try and contribute without acting like a 10 year old?
  12. Not making changes but expecting different results is accepting mediocrity.
  13. Everyone here can debate the superiority or ineptitude of Kelly until the end of time but the fact remains that BK has Jack's blessing. As long as the players graduate, don't disgrace the University and the stadium is full on Saturdays Kelly has a job for however long he wants it. If the Administration took football as seriously as Alabama, OSU & Clemson Kelly would be given a nice thank you and shown the door. He has resurrected the football program and has taken them as far as he can. IF the Administration was serious a replacement would be named tomorrow.
  14. No one should be surprised. Alabama has had the ball 3 times and has scored 3 TD's while averaging 14 yards/play. BK at his finest.
  15. If 2/3's of Alabama's starters missed the game ND might have to chance.
  16. If you want ND with 19.5 call your local bookie. If the line moves to 25 I'll take the Irish. Personally I feel the game will be over by halftime but stranger things have happened.
  17. Dabo's Gomer Pyle act is getting old. I hope Clemson & OSU both lose.
  18. Lea didn't have an answer for Clemson, do you honestly think he can handle Alabama? Remember no man can serve 2 masters.
  19. Let's say either Alabama, Clemson, OSU or ND come down with a severe case of the Rona and are forced to cancel their respective game. What would the committee do? Let's say OSU is forced to cancel. Would they move ND up to #3 and slide Texas A & M into the #4 spot? Would they wait until the affected team has enough recovered players to play their bowl game? I'm sure the committee has a plan in place, just wondering if something should happen.
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