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  1. Preseason polls sell magazines. The Irish need to do their talking on the field...put up or shut up.
  2. I associate the Victory March with the Notre Dame football team.
  3. The problem will be now that the NFL threw out a line, I'm afraid other teams will be calling in the future and Rees's days at ND might be numbered.
  4. I have no problem with Rees being the OC.
  5. What happened to the green banner that was on the home page?
  6. Having a difference of opinion is one thing, being disrespectful and rude because others disagree with your opinion is entirely different.
  7. I see Elder hasn't changed since his time out. Back to the sarcastic comments and the name calling if anyone dares to disagree with him.
  8. Who cares what others think? Give it a rest and move on.
  9. If ND can ever figure out how to beat top ranked teams......Now it's Freeman's turn, hopefully he can figure it out.
  10. I would take Saban over Harbaugh is a second.
  11. The good news just keeps on coming. Freeman is trying to assemble an outstanding coaching staff. The more experience he can get around him, the more he will learn and it should pay huge dividends in the future.
  12. Looking at the 2022 schedule today, 9-10 wins for a 1st year HC might be a stretch. I'd be happy with a competitive team against the big boys with 8-9 wins.
  13. While I agree completely that Freeman should be given 2-3 years before passing judgment didn't the coaches you mentioned have previous head coaching experience?
  14. I have made a New Year's resolution to not respond to anything Elder posts when he is reinstated.
  15. Thank you Mike and if Elder returns please put him on a very short leash with permanent banishment the next step.
  16. 9 months in the future?..lol
  17. Exactly. Schedules are set 3-4 years in advance.
  18. Agree with everything stated. Freeman will be fine as he gains experience.
  19. LOL....I owe Kelly an apology? You must have lost your mind.
  20. You knew the Irish would come out of the gate on fire and for the 1st 29:30 they played that way. No excuse for losing after being up 28-7. Hopefully MF learned a lot today.
  21. I got sick of the announcers telling everyone how Cincinnati belonged in the playoffs. It was almost like they were trying to convince themselves.
  22. Ordered from them twice and both times I sent the merchandise back....very cheap quality.
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