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  1. Both verbal commitments are guards….. Brey loves those guards. Both are 3 star level players. I read he is looking for 5 recruits this cycle. I really wish he get some decent big men. https://www.ndinsider.com/story/sports/mens-basketball/2022/09/23/california-kid-brady-dunlap-commits-to-notre-dame-mens-basketball/69513741007/
  2. I used to get a survey after each home game asking about my Notre Dame experience. I think because I am a season ticket holder. A lot of questions had to do about the quality of the food and the price of game day things like parking and food. I have seen any surveys this year. I think they even know pretty much the responses they are going to get.
  3. Yes I agree. Night games rock especially in September and October when the weather is usually still nice. I hate to think I am saying this …but you don’t have to worry about that sun in your face. No sun glasses too. Oh just a heads up the stadium food this year s**** . And is expensive 4.50 for bottle of water 6.50 for a bottled coke. You also don’t see a lot of specialty stand….I.e. the Philly Cheese Steak, or the Italian Sub. I assume it’s because the specialty places can’t find employees to work.
  4. It was great to see the standing ovation Manti got. I think it was the loudest the stadium was the whole game. You could see he was getting very emotional. His wife was on her first trip to Notre Dame too. She must have been overwhelmed seeing all the love ND nation was giving to her husband. All well deserved.
  5. I know exactly how he feels. If they were home game tickets I would recommend contacting Big Brother/ Big Sister of South Bend. I have done that in the past and they usually can use them and are very appreciative.
  6. I have never parked there myself. But I assume if you are coming from toll road you just take a left onto 933/31 south , then another left onto Dorr Rd. If for some reason you miss Dorr Rd ( which hopefully you won’t) keep going straight take left on Angela (it’s at the light)then another left on Notre Dame ave, then left on Holy Cross. below I tried to copy and paste off UND site. The directions are like I said above. Burke North/Burke South/Dorr General $40 Burke North: Off Angela Boulevard, near SR 933 Burke South: Off Dorr Road All vehicles must exit the lot 2 hours post-game.
  7. I think part of it is that Freeman has this hang up trying to rotate in the younger players. Which I think is fine but please do not do it in critical times of the game ie 4Q. Get the ball in the hands of your 3 best offense players, Meyers, Styles, Tyree! They did the same thing on defense rotating out some of the best players at critical times. I hope they learned from this game that Tyree has to touch the ball more. With the way the offense line is playing we need someone like Tyree that might be able to take it to the house .
  8. Hey I am not using my white field ( Blue Lot) parking pass for the California game. if anyone wants to use it let me know. I believe it’s $30 or $35 to park there now. They have shuttles so you don’t have to walk all that way to stadium.
  9. Just a heads up the bookstore parking usually fulls up early Friday. So don’t be surprised if you arrive to campus Friday afternoon and you turn down Notre Dame Ave to go to the book store and the traffic is backed up. They will redirect you where to park you’ll just have to walk a little farther. oh if you happen to be out Friday evening at midnight the drummers playing in front of the administration bldg is pretty cool.
  10. The defense and Al Golden played / coached a great game. But what was going through his mind when in the 4Q Golden blitzed both his experienced safeties and left 2 true freshman in man on man coverage? We all know how that worked out. And then the game announcers just talked about how this unknown OSU receiver burnt our secondary…..no mentioned we took a huge gamble leaving two freshman on an island.
  11. I agree with you Frankus. The defense played great except at the end when they were worn out. The offense on the other hand except for a handful of play’s looked confused, with no rhythm. OSU defense was supposed to be the venerable part of their team. Our offense made OSU defense look like Georgia. It was painful watching our offense.
  12. If he can bring Keeley back into the fold, winning a NC at ND for him should be easy.
  13. Okay guys I am a season ticket holder been one for years. I usually have anywhere from 1 to 3 extra tickets sometimes 4 (together). ND has made it easy now that I can just transfer them to stubhub. But then you don’t know what idiot is going to sit next to you…imagine if it was a fan of the opposing team’s . Since I’m a regular on here I would prefer one of you guys ( well most….lol). Anyhow I will list below the game and the number of tickets available. The seats are in section 136 it’s an upper section at north end. I love them I can look straight down the field and watch the play develop. Plus they are across from Jumbotron and as a added bonus the players at the end of the game will come serenade you. If interested send me an email. We can talk price then (FV or less) My email is jmurph9@twcny.rr.com 10/15 Stanford (3 tickets available) SOLD 10/22 UNLV (3 tickets available) 11/5 Clemson (definitely not sure how many are available) 11/19 BC ( not sure how many are available yet at least 3)
  14. I just thought I share this article. I know it doesn’t matter to the discussion I just found it interesting. I was curious why ESPN wasn’t more aggressive to keep the Big10 then I saw this article today. When the company that owns you is looking at cost cutting measures that might entail “ Spinning off sports network ESPN“ That doesn’t sound good. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/disney-responds-letter-activist-investor-dan-loeb
  15. Good point. But I still have to wonder if all those frequent trips to Hawaii were more than just recruiting……sun, babes, booze and frequent flyer miles…..lol
  16. I just can’t believe how Polian left the cupboard so empty. I understand Jay Bramlett (p) transfered with Kelly but having 3 of the 4 starting kickers/ LS as new to program does not seemed well planned/ recruited by Polian.
  17. Thanks for the article…it does give you a ray of hope. Maybe Stephon Tuitt should talk to him.
  18. I have to agree with everyone else so far. I’m really surprised. I think it is called the MF Effect! Now he JUST has to win the big games something Kelly couldn’t consistently do. I’ll give him a pass with Ohio State…..lol
  19. Hmmmm…nice idea but you need $$$$$$$. Why don’t you start a separate thread and see how much interest there is.
  20. Article on ND QB recruiting https://247sports.com/Article/Notre-Dame-QB-Recruiting-Notes-190412840/
  21. White and Gold for Vegas ! I wouldn’t want them all the time but for the one game I like them.
  22. Isn’t that pic from the Penn State game. What a game that was, Joe P pulled a Kelly that game he should have just kicked the field goal (even as it snowed) it would have sealed it for Penn State. Instead one of the greatest come backs in Irish history took place!
  23. I like the change that they would be limited to putting their names in to the portal to twice a year. After the season is complete and after spring practice is over. Players would know where they stand and coaches could better plan a roster. But another change would be to allow players unlimited transfers not just one transfer like it is today. I don’t know about that one. https://saturdayroad.com/acc/ncaa-council-proposes-drastic-changes-to-transfer-portal-system/
  24. Tampa Bay just signed Kyle Rudolph to a one year deal now I’ll be forced to route for Tom Brady…lol
  25. You really need a guide for him too. He can sign up for a campus tour but this guy sounds like he would really enjoy more then just that. For example If on campus Friday he needs to get into the stadium , then do the full campus tour(of course grotto and Basilica) he then needs to rest and have dinner. Then back to campus to listen to band drummers only in front of administration bldg at midnight. It’s is really cool on a nice evening they play for close to an hour (they even use the rave drum sticks that glow for parts). Saturday get up there early and have breakfast at south dinning hall, book store ($$$$), tailgate with other ND fans , then back to the bands the trumpets perform in the administration bldg and then follow the band marching to the stadium like hundreds of other crazies, the game, if catholic go to mass on campus. I know so much of the band might sound crazy to you but believe die hard ND fans there for the first time LOVE it. You would probably prefer to be tailgating Saturday afternoon….lol. But remember it for your buddy. Also ND use to sell packages where you could tour the locker room or get out onto the field($$$$). oh last thing do not pick a BIG game. Of course you want a decent game to watch. Guys are going to hate me for this but the Navy game especially if he served might be perfect. A BIG game like Ohio state, Clemson will have to many people on campus. Everywhere you go there are lines you have to wait in or crowded places….that just me.
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