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  1. I assume nil $ played a part in Addison’s decision yesterday. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33947603/roundtable-does-jordan-addison-decision-mean-usc-pac-12-college-football
  2. Thanks Mike for your help……all is well here now
  3. Great mark as read is now missing and I have like two dozen now I have to reread.
  4. Syracuse recruits Canada and is only a couple of hours from Ottawa.
  5. I will admit my personal experiences with elite college ( meaning like 5 star / 4 star level) and professional athletes is back in the 80s. In “my opinion” these elite athletes were athletically genetically superior to most guys. They were natural born athletes. I was a high school jock myself and I was in awe of what they physically could do. Sure they enjoyed playing sports and would always be found at the gym or on the field. I could workout 247 and I never would become the athlete they were. And again I was no punk. I don’t want to name names I am just going to let go that in MY OPINION elite athletes are genetically superior athletically then the common man and trying to make up that difference through hard work few can do.
  6. I voted for indifferent but I must admit during the fall I am more focused on football. With the games and all going on I just get more into it.
  7. My limited life experiences being around “professional “ (with NIL what’s the definition of professional) athletes numero uno they are genetic freaks athletically. No different then the mental genius or music composer. They were born with talents far greater then the average person. Some choosing to use those talents even to obsess over them. Sure the average person through hard work and dedication can become very good. But most professionals “ I believe “ were born with special talents. I am not saying we shouldn’t pay them to see them perform their talents. But to think every athlete got to where they are mainly because of hard work I disagree with. I know I had to study harder in college to get a good job in my profession then some professional athletes did in their sport.
  8. Have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with Angeli’s performance in the spring game. But Pyne has the experience and should easily start the season at least as the number 2 guy.
  9. Okay AnTostal did you have something to do with creating The Shirt? History: The Shirt Project began in 1990 as a means to raise money to fund Notre Dame student activities – a cause it continues to support today. In the spring of 1990, senior Brennan Harvath ’91, then Chairman of AnTostal, had the idea to sell T-shirts to raise funds for AnTostal, the Student Union Board’s spring festival. The shirt created for the fundraiser was also intended to unify the student body for the home-opener football game against Michigan on September 15, 1990. Over 9,000 shirts were sold and sales reached over $17,000.
  10. I agree they HAVE TO get a big from the portal !!!
  11. Yes….if I remember correctly Joe Alt played TE in high school until his senior year. Then he was only rated a 3 star OT…..un-ranked stud category
  12. I was at the game also. I agree with your thoughts. I was disappointed my in the offense play. Except for Mayer the receivers (and Payne ) really looked bad. There was some nice pass plays to RB and TE. But other wise ugh.
  13. There are some huge sneakers to fill on next years mens basketball team if they expect to make the big dance again. They will lose Atkinson, Wesley, and Hubbs. They really need to find a big man off the portal to help Nate out inside. https://www.on3.com/teams/notre-dame-fighting-irish/news/notre-dame-mens-basketball-scholarship-chart/
  14. I would assume parking is free since they made no mention parking costs in their email to season ticket holders. But call on Monday to confirm (they are closed Good Friday). Games at 1:00 so not sure how parking situation will be by the time you arrive. I usually have no problem but I arrive much earlier to campus.
  15. In every profession there are bad, average, good, and yes a few great ones. You don’t become GREAT without a lot of hard work and sacrifices.
  16. Shame on me I fell for your trick, or should I say your “friend’s”.
  17. No …wrong fingers for that…looks more like okay sign then a racist gesture….I sure it has something to do with game
  18. ND won 108 to 64 against Oklahoma . Saturday ND plays NC State in the sweet 16. NCState was a #1 seed.
  19. No wonder why the two male announcers were so bias rooting for Alabama. One of the announcers was Avery Johnson. He coached Bama from 2015-2019. I had to turn the sound off.
  20. Thanks….love the song and this version is great you can hear all the lyrics clearly
  21. Lol….I have the same final four teams and Gonzaga winning it all. With all the upsets in last year’s tournament I went with the favorite’s for the most part this year…..
  22. Not that I think ND is that good but the number 2 team in the ACC deserves better then a play in game.
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