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  1. I just don’t think ND needs to “rush” into anything……a diamond will always be a diamond
  2. GreenG I disagree with you. ND is in no rush to join a conference. Jack S. said a year ago conferences would consolidate in the future but ND has no plans to join one. ND will always be wanted and the longer they wait their value goes up.
  3. Agree……and to a lesser extent so will Marcus Freeman. FS can not be taken lightly. A lot of fans expect and easy W. So if anything else happens then an easy win, fans will be looking for someone to blame. And who else ( besides BK of course) better to blame then the QB ( transfer at that) and the new million dollar coach that has been seen walking on water. Hey nothing against Coan and Freeman I like them both. But the crazy fan base will need some big fish to fry.
  4. Funny Jack Swarbrick said this was going to happen about a year ago. I can’t remember his exact words. He said something ( not specific to any team or conference) to the effect that he could see conferences would be consolidating ( and some schools eliminating football all together) but that this should not effect ND being an independent.
  5. Here is another article that helps explain why Dom doesn’t have a lot of big time offers. I got my figures crossed that Brey might have found a diamond in the rough. https://www.pressherald.com/2021/07/12/meet-the-most-coveted-basketball-recruit-from-maine-in-a-generation/
  6. Personally I think they need to continue to look for a second RB in this class. Because we’ll probably lose two of our starters after this year. CBo and Williams leaving only a proven Tyree. Until they prove themselves Diggs, Estime and Price are just gambles. Although If they don’t get one it isn’t a major set back because we do have some numbers as you mentioned.
  7. Yes and actually he was much higher …..in June 2020 he was the 28 best recruit at a .9841 rating. In my book that’s a 5 star QB. Like I have said before all I care about is how the coaches feel about the recruits not that some rating service dropping him from top 28 to top 70 best recruit. Come on.
  8. I do. Yes at the end of the day it’s who you get. And I don’t really care what the recruiting services say. All I care about is how our coaches feel about the guys they recruited. Which we’ll never know how they truly feel.
  9. Great addition again. I think this kid can be a multi year starter. Welcome aboard Mr. Morrison.
  10. Thanks jbrown it’s nice to be able to see all the data like that. I don’t think you would get many people to disagree that ND has been behind those other top schools listed recruiting QBs. Where we will disagree is why. Also as we would probably agree the Recruiter ( ie.QB,OC,Head coaches) plays a most significant role. But I think ND’s “problem” goes beyond that. Sure a Freeman type recruiter would help. I think ND does a poor job identifying QBs and offering / building relationships early. ND offense scheme can be very boring. ND is all about team/school maybe some focused PR on the QB. ND has been winning and that is going to help too. I bet ND coaches/ administration have already had the same discussion on QB recruiting. And I think if they give Tyler Buchner some serious playing time, it will show that Kelly is willing to take a chance on you early. That Kelly isn’t going to play based on seniority like some kind of union.
  11. Wow what a great LB class. Welcome aboard Jaylen!
  12. FYI…..for those of you having a hard time reading Big’s post ….you need to go to “Theme” at bottom of page and change yours to dark. After you can change it back to light. It very easy to do and takes about 3 seconds.
  13. I don’t if they talk to a guy’s teammate but I know they talk with their high school coaches and they can get some good information from them.
  14. I have to agree with Kelly and Jim on this one. I Just don’t see why Notre Dame should take any blame for improper conduct of any other Catholic Organization. BTW class of ‘81 myself…..those were the days!
  15. Yep this is going to be insane. Did you see the latest on what our favorite USC player wants….no not OJ…..Reggie Bush. You just have to laugh. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/01/us/reggie-bush-heisman-spt/index.html
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