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  1. I know enough has been said on this subject But I thought this was a good article on the subject. Sorry for late post and forgive spelling I had eye surgery yesterday. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/analysis-no-single-answer-figure-to-blame-in-jordan-johnson-s-exit
  2. Lol….Jack Coan you are so sarcastic jbrown. How about Hamilton maybe in 2022. And Michael Mayer in 2023 ???
  3. Looks like this baseball team is for real.....ranked #6 now and tremendous come back win against BC. https://und.com/no-6-irish-erase-nine-run-deficit-to-sweep-doubleheader-claim-series-over-boston-college/
  4. I just saw this today that ACC freshman ( Kamilla Cardozo ) of the year who played for SU put her name in the transfer portal. There is a lot to like about her starting with her size 6’7”..... https://247sports.com/college/syracuse/Article/Syracuse-womens-basketball-Kamilla-Cardoso-transfer-portal-164527923/
  5. Or it can be said because of the inexperienced OL you want a QB that has experience and can make quick decisions/reads
  6. Sad so young. I enjoyed reading Lou’s work. RIP
  7. I got to agree with throwing the red shirt out the window. No reason to save a year of eligibility if they going to leave anyhow. The freshman might not be starters but Coaches will want to show the young kids some love and give them playing time....the hell with red shirting.
  8. LOL Tneun89 ....loved your no comment at the end
  9. Article not specifically about ND. I thought it was a fun read for anyone that loves CF. And I am sure everyone has any opinion about this article. ND better be ready for USC this year, looks to be the toughest match up in years. I’m glad it is at home. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/2021-college-football-10-teams-ready-to-take-next-step-USC-Ole-Miss-Miami-Oregon-Nebraska-Texas-UCLA-164082139/#164082139_1
  10. Just saw this new article on Zahm Hall. https://ndsmcobserver.com/2021/04/plans-to-alter-covid-tests-thousands-of-dollars-of-property-damage-a-disputed-partying-reputation-officials-students-discuss-troubling-culture-in-zahm/
  11. I agree with everyone....nice addition!
  12. Yes I was thinking the same thing. If Quinn can turn around and rebuild one of the better offense lines in the country after losing 4 starters it will be pretty impressive.
  13. The QB that gives ND the best chance of winning TODAY will start. In todays sport’s world it’s all about the present. With the transfer portal being so popular, early entry into the NFL, career ending injuries, coaches moving to follow the money .... things can dramatically change in a “New York minute”....
  14. Wishing everyone a happy joyful Easter. Beautiful day here in New York for an Easter egg hunt too
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