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  1. PETA needs to be on hand because the Trojan horse will need to run so much it will be animal cruelty.:yo:
  2. The early field goal instead of going for 4th down put the coffin in it. Kelly thinks he is the smartest man in the room. You line up and run the damn ball all day long right at the heart of Navy D. South Florida ran for a friggen 1000 yards last week against them.
  3. It's not about recruiting because Kelly has done well. The coaching of the players is lacking. Especially on defense, the players are not put in position to succeed. Defensively we are a step slow. Kelly has lost just under 5 games a year if you remove the 12 win year. Just not food enough. This is still a good job, but will need to get the next up and comer. :peace:
  4. I have to go with B Finding our guy will not be easy. We are not a job everyone wants. Too many other spots to land before top tier guys will come here.
  5. It will be a 7-6 slugfest. 74 degrees and partly cloudy, run 43xs. Kelly has one of the better QBs in the country and doesn't give him the offense that is suited for his play. Kelly is Arrogant, smug, and really a persona that is viewed as flawed. He has been here too long. 7 years and probably between 28 and 30 losses after this season. all that with a 1 loss season that popped up out of nowhere. I think we beat Stanford, but will have 2 more losses.
  6. Zaire would have been sacked on the long pass earlier. We can’t cover at all
  7. So what everyone is saying is that UA can't make uniforms in blue and gold? Who says ND will agree to the abnormal color schemes other than the Shamrock game? If recruits won't come to ND because of the friggen uniform, they are not much of a recruit. It's all about the dollar now as it has been for many many years and now we are all upset? That is absurd.
  8. If we don't get better LB play, we will suck. Jalen is the only player that had the ability to make up for poor *** coaching. Our schemes this year were pathetic. We need better play all around on D.
  9. If i have said it once, I have said it ONE MILLION Times…...
  10. Aren't you being skeptical by calling us skeptical?
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