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  1. MMA dude said that the truth would come out. You’re right, he already had a very bloody nose and apparently sh*t went down before everything we got to see. Not saying anyone was right here but you already bloody a dude’s nose then you better be ready to fight.
  2. Whoa, blast from the past! What's up Chad! GTL!
  3. LOL and I was gonna ask if you were 30 yet!! Happy Bday big guy! Maybe one of these days you can post a picture of your broken foot again with the accompanying story for those that never saw!
  4. Clark Lea is already forcing us to find a new defensive coordinator. I think it’s time to pull the plug on the Rees experiment and find ourselves a proven offensive coordinator. I have nothing against Tommy personally, but Notre Dame is not a place where you get your first shot at the big leagues. I cannot believe the fanbase didn’t implode when the hire was first announced. I know this might sound incredibly anti-Tommy, but how the hell can you blame Rees for taking a dream position?? Of course not, this is on ND and Tommy would be a fool to say no. It’s very apparent that unless he
  5. Scary question when zero-experience Tommy Rees is our O coordinator. Maybe we can go out and give Manti Teo his first D coordinator position.
  6. For performance enhancing drugs. He says it was from a prescription and he was unaware. Sucks, he’s coming off a monster game too. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30423848/houston-texans-wr-fuller-suspended-six-games-ped-policy?platform=amp
  7. That's what we're facing this Saturday. If we have any chance at being taken seriously again then we have to take our best shot at a winged apex predator. It's in our house, their (arguably) best player is out, and we have a pretty solid team across the board. These are the games that you need to win if you want to be considered relevant.
  8. Yea what ELDER said, I'd just take a top line QB who would make all his receivers better. Just think about how good we would be if we had Trevor Lawrence. With this D we are instantly a top 5 team. A guy like Trevor can win a game on his own as long as everyone else does their job. As it is I consider ND a consistent top 15 team that spends a lot of time in the top 10. Unfortunately not elite yet until we at least beat that top 5 team that we aren't supposed to beat.
  9. The admiration and adoration of a thousand Irish eyes!! :clap2::rockon::whoo:
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