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  1. Thanks Mike, the site looks great! Don't worry about the grumpy gooses, they'll all get on board eventually! Or not
  2. MMA dude said that the truth would come out. You’re right, he already had a very bloody nose and apparently sh*t went down before everything we got to see. Not saying anyone was right here but you already bloody a dude’s nose then you better be ready to fight.
  3. Whoa, blast from the past! What's up Chad! GTL!
  4. LOL and I was gonna ask if you were 30 yet!! Happy Bday big guy! Maybe one of these days you can post a picture of your broken foot again with the accompanying story for those that never saw!
  5. Clark Lea is already forcing us to find a new defensive coordinator. I think it’s time to pull the plug on the Rees experiment and find ourselves a proven offensive coordinator. I have nothing against Tommy personally, but Notre Dame is not a place where you get your first shot at the big leagues. I cannot believe the fanbase didn’t implode when the hire was first announced. I know this might sound incredibly anti-Tommy, but how the hell can you blame Rees for taking a dream position?? Of course not, this is on ND and Tommy would be a fool to say no. It’s very apparent that unless he retires soon, Kelly will be retained for years to come. It’s also incredibly apparent that something needs to be done to take the team from a Top 10 team to a Top 5 team. In chat I said that Rees vs Venables is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. It’s time to go get 2 new guns and try to stop getting our asss handed to us in huge games. ND isn’t the place you go to get your training wheels removed.
  6. Scary question when zero-experience Tommy Rees is our O coordinator. Maybe we can go out and give Manti Teo his first D coordinator position.
  7. For performance enhancing drugs. He says it was from a prescription and he was unaware. Sucks, he’s coming off a monster game too. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30423848/houston-texans-wr-fuller-suspended-six-games-ped-policy?platform=amp
  8. That's what we're facing this Saturday. If we have any chance at being taken seriously again then we have to take our best shot at a winged apex predator. It's in our house, their (arguably) best player is out, and we have a pretty solid team across the board. These are the games that you need to win if you want to be considered relevant.
  9. Yea what ELDER said, I'd just take a top line QB who would make all his receivers better. Just think about how good we would be if we had Trevor Lawrence. With this D we are instantly a top 5 team. A guy like Trevor can win a game on his own as long as everyone else does their job. As it is I consider ND a consistent top 15 team that spends a lot of time in the top 10. Unfortunately not elite yet until we at least beat that top 5 team that we aren't supposed to beat.
  10. The admiration and adoration of a thousand Irish eyes!! :clap2::rockon::whoo:
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