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  1. These pop ups are definiately not our intention and the only ones should be as Michael said. Please help us in identifying the advertising network that's putting it on here by telling us what ads you see and stuff so that we can remove it. Thanks! Warren
  2. Hehe cool! I'm sure Sir John and Don Juan can put in some extra features and stuff once they get the hang of the admin panel
  3. Hehe yeah.. Should probably be able to load in more smileys or whatever is needed from the admin cp once we get this all figured out!
  4. Sorry for making it so sudden... we had to act fast b/c there were some security holes in the old board. There's lots more features with this software though, so hope yall enjoy it!
  5. Well, we changed it b/c there's people using the forum to spam and stuff, so we had to upgrade to vbulletin. If anyone is familar with it.. please let us know and we'll make you an admin/mod so that you can add smilies or avatars and stuff
  6. If anyone is familiar with vbulletin skins, please let us know and we'll give you the old phpbb skins so that you can port it over
  7. Nope, it's absolutely still free! Enjoy the new look and feel
  8. If anyone wants to write an article, either PM it to me, email it to me at wwong@wmmediacorp.com, or sign up for the front site and submit it through the interface there. Thanks! Warren
  9. Hey guys, We had some trouble with email notification for new articles on the front page, but that's fixed now Please sign up for the front site and PM me your user id if you want to submit, and then submit the article through the front site. All the pending articles have been approved. Thanks a lot guys!! Warren
  10. Unfortuantely, will probably have to register :-/
  11. We do have a live chat at irishenvy http://www.irishenvy.com/forums/chat/flashchat.php
  12. ???????????? That makes total sense It's to make it easier for new people to join the discussion. Otherwise, we can't tell who's a spammer and who's not, and lose potentially good people who'd like to talk to us
  13. As we're putting the site on user activation so that people can more easily join our discussions, there will very likely be more spam, so we'll rely on everyone to keep the board unspammy If you can help out as a mod, please PM GoldLid and help keep our community growing and spam free. Thanks! Warren
  14. Thanks for all those who have offered to contribute! If you wish to contribute, please sign up on the front site, and PM me your user name. Then, you will be able to submit articles which will appear on the front site when approved. Thanks advance to all of you who'll make DD a top notch news and commentary source for Notre Dame Football!
  15. irish: If you could help with game analysis, that'd be great! domeanddomer: Sounds good! Awesome if you could send us some local coverage. donjuan: Just let me know if you have ideas for either If that sounds good to you guys, send me some analysis/coverage that's about 500-1000 words, a title, and a summary, and I'll post them right away Thanks! Warren
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