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  1. Tommy Tremble with a rushing TD as Carolina plays the Houston Texans. Apparently a gadget play inserted just for him
  2. The player may have been defenseless, but he was being held by the legs and his arms were pulling to the end zone like he was in a wheelbarrow race
  3. Whatever the reason, Rocket, you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. I think it gets stormy with FSU in the opener. It's not at its nadir yet, but we're in a storm.
  5. Maybe Helton can coach our OL
  6. Tony Jones getting carries for the Saints against the Packers
  7. I have many questions and zero answers. Just enjoy the moment.
  8. Say what you want about our playing against Toledo. At least we won. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jacksonville-state-upsets-florida-state-with-59-yard-td-pass-on-the-last-play-of-the-game-040528957.html
  9. Glad I could help! Radio calls from WVFI, Notre Dame’s student run radio station
  10. Did he actually execute someone? Should he? just asking’…
  11. 1. So glad I didn’t pay to watch this game. 2. ND is back to the days where alumni need blood pressure and heart medicine to get through games.
  12. My local ND alumni are having a game watch at a bar, and someone has it hooked up for Peacock for the occasion.
  13. Looking at that picture.....I feel old.
  14. I assume that they're counting on him intercepting a lot and running it back?
  15. Florida State could say the same.
  16. I’ve seen a number of posters mentioning tackling. Over the past decade, I’ve seen a lot of big hits without wrapping up, and it seems like how kids have been doing it for years: Going for a huge hit to bring down the opponents for a good viral clip of how strong you are. Tackling seems like it’s becoming a lost art.
  17. Thunder, can you hold your camera up and live broadcast the game for us?
  18. At least we threw to the TE.
  19. Come on. It’s a joke. The team won’t be so fragile, hopefully
  20. I think it was partway through the 3rd Q actually, but your point stands.
  21. I kinda feel like you don't need to worry about Coan after the FSU game I saw. Most everyone else, though.....
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