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  1. Hey you know what? Here’s something I think we can all agree on: your side chat on GA vs. Bama Has NOTHING to do with Steve Angeli. you're welcome to make your own thread, or discuss it elsewhere
  2. Remember when this thread was about Angeli?
  3. Happens all the time… Tom Herman, Kevin Sumlin, Charlie Strong, and that’s just recently in my state
  4. UGA wanted him? Good enough for me to give him a try
  5. The NFL isn’t “done with it”. No sport is, as far as I can tell
  6. Yeah. Right. Our opinions don’t change contagious diseases. No matter how tired we are. the point remains valid.
  7. Hey, @Big23Head is M'Pemba a legit option, or is that just leading us on into wishful thinking?
  8. At a moment in time when people can get COVID and be unavailable, having a backup for specialists isn’t the worst thing in the world
  9. Five litigants in federal court in Illinois are trying to start a class action lawsuit related to fixing amounts of financial aid available to students https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/16-ivy-league-elite-universities-sued-alleged-financial-aid-conspiracy-rcna11643
  10. Drue Tranquill looked pretty great for the Chargers yesterday. Alohi Gilman had a great and I mean great TD saving tackle. And Terry Jillery did good work.
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/09/buzz-builds-of-jim-harbaugh-to-raiders/amp/ the buzz is apparently intensifying
  12. Gobaira had a powerful sack on the QB. My favorite play of the game
  13. That’s rough. I actually felt bad for the QB
  14. How did this thread become a Saban vs Harbaugh thread? Nobody is talking about Saban leaving his school. Lets focus on implications of Harbaugh possibly leaving
  15. Correction——— the game is at 1 pm EST. It is at noon CST, where the game is played
  16. I’m not sure that we have the NIL framework for a guy named “Payday”
  17. If you look at the tweet, it shows a posting on the message board for the University of Texas. I’m skeptical about that being a quality source. Not saying it won’t happen, but I’m not ready to believe based on someone quoting a UT message board about inner workings at Michigan.
  18. Waaaay ahead of you, sir! It’s 2 pm somewhere!
  19. I guess it also depends on how much $$$ the Raiders throw at him to wash off the Gruden.
  20. I encourage drinking songs as a method of engagement.
  21. Interesting rumors out there, like the Raiders….. If he left, I wonder who might consider the transfer portal
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