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  1. He was the one freshman I was most excited about
  2. Well they sure said d all the right things… now go ahead and commit
  3. No offense to Gray’s graphics person, but I thought the announcement was July 29 based on the way he’s positioned
  4. I’m expecting the site to be slower in this, the off-season. When there are more actual developments, I expect to be more active. On an unrelated note, the Halloween Store is uncharacteristically empty this week….
  5. Sorry to see him go, but good for him
  6. I say that this year, too. every first year is a bit of overreacting. Look at Weis and Willingham….
  7. I’m ready to commit right now, no need to wait. If they need an unathletic middle aged man with boatloads of intangibles, just send me that offer
  8. If @Big23Headhas a feeling, it’s more accurate than 95 percent of people’s “knowing”
  9. Hey, @Big23Head, don't take this the wrong way, but for all you provide here, I love you, man.
  10. IPC commitment not happening today.
  11. That makes sense. I suppose in the summer, you can pay more direct attention on the kids and their families and sell the 40 year plan better.
  12. Why wouldn’t you want your official to be at a big game? I’m surprised there are so many officials in the offseason
  13. Apparently he was a big fan of Johnny Manziel at A&M.
  14. I feel better about losing Sedrick Irvin now....
  15. Well I don’t like hearing that
  16. Yeah, I’ll second that. A&M has always been a strong fanbase and the students LOVE the place
  17. Are things getting unpinned? I found it useful when the 2023 recruits thread was always at the top, for example
  18. I agree. Academics are too Important to be an afterthought
  19. I’m going to go ahead and give Marcus Freeman the benefit of the doubt
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