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  1. “And like that... (whoooo...) he was gone.”
  2. I'm not saying I agree with this, but it's nice to see Kyle Hamilton getting love at spot #2 https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2022-nfl-draft-kayvon-thibodeaux-kyle-hamilton-put-defense-back-atop-the-top-100-prospect-rankings/
  3. You know, it's possible to have a middle ground. People do say things that may be inaccurate, even if they don't realize it at the time. Remember, you're the guy who started this thread in March of 2020 saying he was done with this message board. Your comment from May of 2021 suggests that was not accurate, even though you probably meant it at the time.
  4. Thank you, sir. I truly appreciate it, but forgot the game was today. Darn errands....
  5. Is there a replay of the game available?
  6. Agree with this. Plus the new QB they drafted is a runner, so Banks will open the doors for him.
  7. Maybe because the recession hit under W, but we came out of it under the”failed policies” of Obama? But that won’t fit your narrative, so pretend you’re being accurate.
  8. Unsolicited thought, but as a further reason not to heavily "moderate" content, the website's owner has vastly more protection when the content of a website is lightly moderated, as opposed to a website that exercises a great deal of editorial control over the content of speech presented. So says my understanding of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Not that I've ever seen a website sued for moderating content, but still a good guideline to be aware of. This does not mean that websites cannot sanction abusive users or potentially illegal content, just that they shoul
  9. Is the USC campus that great? I know it is in a sketchy neighborhood, but I guess that doesn't mean it can't be a nice campus.... I will say that the Texas Tech campus is pretty nice. I'm surprised to see it that far down.
  10. Reminds me of when they demolished Holy Cross as a dorm when I was at ND. That place was also an insanely structured building, in addition to having problematic behavior.
  11. Wide disparity on Penn State’s Franklin
  12. Thrown out of Keenan. Probably still cooler than the coolest kids in St. Ed’s! lol
  13. I just can’t contemplate what would be considered the “coolest kids in St. Ed’s”
  14. Transitional Zahm-bies? Dear lord........
  15. Coach is calling on the Irish family to help https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/former-notre-dame-star-and-nfl-player-louis-nix-iii-subject-of-missing-person-report/
  16. Jake Taylor? I thought he was playing ball in Mexico....
  17. I don't have the game, but I know there is a thread, and I just saw a headine that apparently, the game has been hit by hackers: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/cyberpunk-2077-game-developer-says-s-hit-cyber-attack-rcna270
  18. I don’t know if it’s true, but I know it sounds like a good excuse for whatever shortcomings happen. We just *can’t* do better.
  19. His commitment tweet is still pinned at the top of his Twitter account, but then there's this from yesterday: Logan Diggs @logandiggs3 I regret some decisions I made, but this the life I chose.. 3:50 PM · Feb 1, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  20. BAgate, Don’t bother trying to use anything like FACTS or COMMON SENSE either the QAnon crew. They are unable to consider anything outside their fiction. Real life must be a confusing and frightening thing to them. I think the bleach drinking has damaged them. I won’t be terribly surprised if we learned in a few years that the messages from “Q” on which they form their opinions turn out to be Russians messing with our country yet again. Do I have facts to support that? No I do not. That’s why I’m not storming the Kremlin or urging war. But would it shock me to learn that’s what t
  21. In a nutshell, you are still pushing HCQ and stand by your posts. Shocking. I'll carry this over into any posts you make: you're entrenched, and reality won't change your opinion. Got it.
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