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  1. Whoever eats the most BBQ is in!
  2. It might not be a done deal...... Texas A&M and Missouri may vote NO.
  3. Last time they were flirting with the Pac 12. It wouldn't surprise me if this is just a move to get greater share of the TV revenue from the Big 12 conference.
  4. That’s because they’re redacted for privacy…..
  5. Had a seminar class with him. Very intelligent guy, in addition to his physical talent. I was shocked in ‘99 to hear about him passing in that way.
  6. Any time ANY commit decides late (or announces late) I feel like it ends poorly for ND. I’m sure there are exceptions, but that’s the overall trend I’ve noticed.
  7. You raise an interesting question that inspires questions of mine. I don't now the answer, because this is a philosophical struggle, but when is it OK for the government to control what speech occurs on the internet. Not a private entity, but the government. Is it OK to crack down on Iranian propaganda, but not other speech? Is it OK to try to control speech which is too far to the left OR the right? Some people don't want right wing people to discuss things that left wing people believe is demonstrably false. Some people don't want to discuss the role, if any, that race played in the founding of parts of this country's history. Should the role of government be to restrict the speech of different views? Because both conservatives and progressives seem to want that, but they disagree on what speech is "bad" and what speech is "good."
  8. He is, of course, referred to as an ND quarterback. No mention of UCF.
  9. He is a co-founder (along with another Domer ) of MOGL, a company helping athletes monetize their name, image, and likeness. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kxan.com/sports/name-image-and-likeness-the-many-ways-college-athletes-can-make-money/amp/
  10. Well if it’s only covered on TikTok, that seems pretty legit. Did she do a TikTok dance at the end of her video? I didn’t watch all the way through
  11. Look at the bottom of the screen for “THEME” and that will change it
  12. How do I vote? I vote for dark. My eyes can read the text better.
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