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  1. Wait, Coan does better when nobody’s rushing him? This changes EVERYTHING
  2. I agree. Also BK leaving would be admitting his methods didn’t work, and he’s too stubborn to admit that, even by implication.
  3. I’m glad the clear bags are required so people can see the COVID being smuggled in by people trying to avoid those high concession stand COVID prices
  4. OU 48. TX 41 with 6 minutes to go real defensive struggle
  5. Looks like he might land with the Packers https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jaylon-smith-finalizing-deal-with-packers-following-surprise-release-from-cowboys-per-report/
  6. Two things: 1) Brady Quinn seems like he provides good TV commentary, so I disagree with anyone who thinks he should be fired. 2). I refuse to believe in bad chocolate. Straight up refuse.
  7. Well he WAS at Ohio State for some years…
  8. Love the explanation. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/urban-meyer-apologizes-to-jaguars-for-compromising-viral-video-involving-woman-as-more-footage-is-released/ The best part, in my opinion, "Meyer, who is married, said that he's spoken to his family about the incident and that they're definitely 'upset.' "
  9. I’ll reassess after Cinci has appeared in the playoffs twice, even if there’s a blowout
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