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  1. Well I don’t like hearing that
  2. Yeah, I’ll second that. A&M has always been a strong fanbase and the students LOVE the place
  3. Are things getting unpinned? I found it useful when the 2023 recruits thread was always at the top, for example
  4. I agree. Academics are too Important to be an afterthought
  5. I’m going to go ahead and give Marcus Freeman the benefit of the doubt
  6. I don’t remember looking anything like that in my junior year of high school
  7. Man I had no idea what happened to him. That’s terrible.
  8. Never seen so many ways to spell Jaden As our recruiting list….
  9. LOL @Synoptico you're on the same wavelength....
  10. Ahem. Which transfer portal is Kaepernick in?
  11. @irishwavendIt means…. Ladies, he’s SINGLE
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/texas-wr-target-jaden-greathouse-220116729.html Texas recruiting notes that WR Greathouse is getting crystal balls for ND
  13. ah. That makes sense. I’m still very happy with Coach Freeman.
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