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  1. 30 seconds and three timeouts is an eternity in college football, especially when you only need a field goal. The timeout was stupid, but we were also shafted by the replay officials. Kizer was CLEARLY down. Had this been overturned, we would have had time to run a few more plays from the inch line and waste some time to score. My dad called it with 4 minutes left, said we would score with 30 seconds and stanford would have three timeouts and it would be too much time left on the clock for them. And that's exactly what happened
  2. Gas station attendants aren't necessarily the cream of the crop when it comes to the job market. Obviously there is a certain stereotype that goes along with gas station workers. Most of them don't have the brains or work ethic for a real job. No one comes out of college and says "Cannot wait to get a job at the local gas station!". It isn't a desired job. That's why he made the joke. But PT has to question every comment made. So I hope I made it clear for you. There is a difference between a kid working at a gas station while looking for a job, and a grown man who screwed up his life working at one. Obviously I'm generalizing, and I'm not saying they are bad people at all. But someone has to do those jobs. That's just the way it works.
  3. Everyone fails to realize Harrison Smith being TACKLED by a tight end for Michigan State... It's definitely one of the worst none calls I've ever seen. But it hardly gets recognized. Cause Smith would have had the receiver covered.
  4. How could this put him in the doghouse or do anything negative to him? He has confidence, every coach wants that in a player. You rather him say "Nah, I'm just gonna kiss Golson's a$$ the next two years and then maybe I'll play some"? Nothing wrong with a kid having confidence and wanting to play.
  5. Michigan quarterbacks have been having the games of their lives against ND for the past decade... It's very frustrating to watch
  6. I heard he is going to Clemson for their graduation rate
  7. It should definitely be legalized. Cigarettes and alcohol are far more damaging than marijuana. Colorado stands to make between 50-100 million just off tax income alone. I forget where I read it, but the difference in lung capacity of someone who smokes pot regularly and who doesn't smoke at all is something like <1%. Nothing will happen to DGB though
  8. With the bodies and athletes we have on the offensive line, we should use extra lineman for our big packages. Like Stanford. Smythe, Koyack, and Heurman will provide plenty in the passing game, combined with our up and coming receivers. Of course I think Niklas should have come back but I do think we will be fine without him.
  9. He tweeted he'll be back in the summer and he isn't entering the draft.
  10. Watt and Martin are going to the Senior Bowl
  11. Go watch highlights of Bryant, he is every bit as good as Folston, if not better, at juking and cutting on a dime.
  12. Fuller will be a star. He can't be guarded man to man, too fast, ridiculous moves. I'd be surprised if he isn't starting next year
  13. Our offense should be one of the best in the country, talent wise at least. They still have to perform. But Fuller and Hunter are quick, fast, dynamic players. Daniels should be the go to guy. Niklas and Koyack give us great options at tight end. Robinson will continue to develop. The offensive line can't replace a Zach Martin, but overall, it should be improved, as Elmer and Hanratty/Hegarty showed well in the time they got this season. I think line from left to right next season will be: Stanley, Hanratty, Martin, Lombard/Hegarty, Elmer. Plus the running backs will be ridiculous. If Bryant stays, he and Folston should get most of the carries. Atkinson and Mcdaniel will get their plays here and there. Hopefully Carlisle steps up as a slot/rb hybrid. It's like a video game with all the weapons we have.
  14. Knowing everything that I do, I just do not think he is a good guy. Just my opinion, I do not like him. Don't think if I ever will. Like I said before, however, he has proven to be a good coach.
  15. He's a good coach. But I really do not like him. Between the purple face explosions, arrogance, interviewing with the Eagles, the student who passed away because Kelly made him tape practice with absurdly windy conditions... He is not someone I will ever like.
  16. Braden Smith most likely going to school closer to home, like TCU
  17. Carlo and Fox played to the best of their abilities. Of course they were no Te'o, but I give them credit for maximizing their play. I never thought Farley was that great, even last year, and this year he regressed. The safeties next year should be Redfield, Shumate, Baratti, and Hardy. Even without having seen Redfield and Baratti play alot at ND, I have to believe they are much better than Farley and Collinsworth. If those four get hurt, I'd move Prosise back to safety and play him over Farley.
  18. First, ND made it back into the AP top 25. http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll And the question is where do you think we will end the season ranked? And where do you think we will be ranked at the beginning of next year?
  19. Quinn could run fairly well. Also, if we had Quinn or Clausen this year, we would have won 10-12 games. Clausen threw the best deep ball in the history of Notre Dame.. But I agree, Golson and Zaire gives the defense one more thing to have to worry about.
  20. I'd put Ronnie Stanley in there... He'll be a 4 year starter if he comes back for a 5th year. Athletic, great frame, long arms. He will be a great pro
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