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  1. While I agree that a young, energetic coach will hopefully take over in the next few years, I personally think we need a few more 10+ win seasons under kelly before we hand the keys to someone else. Say we get 3 more seasons of 10+ wins from Kelly, that would be what 6 in a row? Recruiting will be top 12 over that span, and you have momementum as a year in, year out 10+ win program.... thats when you make the gamble on a young, unexperienced coach to take over. While I no doubt have my serious issues with Kelly, ill never forget the 15 years of below-mediocre teams under the previous 3 coa
  2. Recommend driving across the country to Galway for a few days if you have the time. Just got married this september in the countryside near Galway and the city is much more in lines with what i expected from Irish culture compared to the big Dublin city... or you could fly straight to Shannon and explore the west coast some before heading east to Dublin for the game.
  3. I think young will step up. He didnt play much cause of the guys ahead of him... it's tough coming off the bench cold... I think when hes more involved next year hell be able to get in the groove and make more plays... Man I wish ESB stuck around this year and stepherson didnt screw up... we missed that deep speed threat...
  4. Dude was a baller. I'll never forget his pick 6 against MSU, and NC state, as well as his fumble 6 against VT this year. Hope he does well in the pros.
  5. Just join the ACC, beat Clemson in the ACC champ game. Noone will say anything after that... pretty simple, u need to play and beat a tough opponent in the 13th game to not have anyone suggest you dont be long.
  6. Your exactly right. Killer instinct isnt there, and it reflects the head coaches involved... you need someone who can motivate. The last 4 coaches cant.
  7. While I agree with everything you said, it's also sad that the program has fallen to just hoping to play a good game against a top team. Hopefully the next few years we can be the 12 point favorite in a game like this.
  8. Ya gotta believe!!! I feel more confident about keeping it close in this game, then I did going into LSU last year. Give me a few turnovers won, this game can go either way. Let's go!
  9. Ahhh ok I getcha! Yea the Jones jr. Run was up there for sure. Still pissed we gave up a TD after that though...
  10. Come on baby! This is about your favorite play, not most memorable! Let's go! We dont want no Eeyores in here! Go irish!
  11. I think it was boykin... but yes it was legit regardless.
  12. Oh yeaaaaa that Book TD run against NW was clutch. Still cant beleive we even needed that... up 24-7...
  13. Dang those two book runs and physical lowering of the shoulder were clutch. Wimbush had a few important runs like that against michiagan too. The one wimbush scramble on 3rd and 18 for the first down..... Woof forgot how fast he is.
  14. Damn that was a great play! I was there, and it was by far the hype-est I've ever seen ND stadium. Great memories.
  15. I almost put that Mack TD down too. Man it was great whooping Standford this year.
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