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  1. theyve been a dirty team for awhile (on the field) and the players they are recruiting is starting to catch up to them
  2. i think it is pretty common knowledge in the football landscape that a 10th assistant is going to be approved prior to the next season. also - its not like he isnt qualified.. he used to be harbaughs QB coach at the chargers, then he was an OC at the 49ers and UCLA
  3. he was always injured at michigan. looks like he got his health back on track and is transferring for some PT http://mgoblog.com/content/exit-freddy-canteen-brady-pallante
  4. dont college teams get like 20 hrs a week with their team (during full-on practice times, so even less now i would assume), while the NFL gets much more time with their teams so if you break down all the hours a college team gets year round versus the NFL, they probably still get less
  5. I think it would have been a blessing.. kelly needs to go
  6. harbaugh is playing chess while the SEC and their NCAA butt buddies are playing tic tac toe
  7. the longer stanford is good, the bigger of a threat they become. kids get a chance at an ivy league level school, that is now consistently good at football, and is in california. i saw some crazy stat on a different site where a ridiculously high percent of recruits who get accepted to stanford go. like 90% or something crazy. i understand that those who are truly interested are those who would apply, but still, it is crazy to think about. To me their biggest issue is their fanbase. You watch games and the stadium is half full.
  8. it definitely seems fishy - but we dont know the whole story, only one side of it. there are rumors out there that when he (the recruit) was kept in the class when Harbaugh got the job, he was told his offer was dependent on how he performed his senior year. So supposedly he didnt meet those expectations. Regardless, waiting until 13 days before signing day is a little harsh.
  9. yeah for sure - he is definitely in good company according to recruiting services. i was just pointing out that the OP was incorrect in saynig that gary was ranked 2nd. He was actually tied for first (with all those other people as well).
  10. I think clowney, gary, robert n, ernie sims, and vince young are all tied for first actually
  11. Anyone else's first thought when folston went to the locker room that it sucks we lost Bryant?
  12. since when did prosise pass bryant on the depth chart? sounds to me like that writer is trying to downplay the loss
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