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  1. Nevada got a sack today, so as of now ND is the only team without a sack. Unreal and pathetic stat. For the love of god get a sack today
  2. If i were msu i would say to hell with running the ball and just throw it 80 times
  3. Flutie is getting really annoying to listen to. Has he ever agreed to any call that goes nd's way?
  4. Moat blatant miss of a PI call I've ever seen. Big 10 officials
  5. Actually really impressed with claypool on special teams. Not so much for dropping a pass
  6. I now spend every play cringing everytime an ND player doesnt hop up off the ground immediately.
  7. Please can someone, anyone, anytime pressure the qb. Also smart move by nevada picking on tranquil
  8. Well an achilles, not the acl. Anyone want to keep blaming turf?
  9. Still can't tackle, still cant set the edge, still making stupid penalties.
  10. Another season ending injury because of a celebration. Whtf?
  11. Based off that sideline shot after thats an acl
  12. Put this all on bvg and the defense when scoring 47 points isnt enough to win a game.
  13. Huge huge catch by cj and knowing where to be for the 1st down
  14. Yup...gotta admit i didnt think he'd be more than a backup at ND but thanks for proving me wrong. He's got size, arm strengthen, speed, running ability, smarts, etc.
  15. Anyone who thinks zaire should have equal or mpre playing time after this needs their head examined
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