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  1. If this team can't beat Pitt, they won't win many acc teams on the road. Pitt has barely beaten 2 MAC teams.


    You do realize that pitt has been one of the best home court teams in all of basketball, right? It's an extremely tought place to go in and get a win, especially a conference win in the best bball conferencein the country. This was a good win. No doubt about it.

  2. If you honestlt think saban or meyer are coming to nd i want whatever drug you're on. ND is no longer a dream job whether a delusional fan base wants to admit it or not. Fleck would be their best option. Young, high energy, gets kids fired up, etc. They are not getting an already proven championship coach

  3. I feel confused and wondering what is going on with that hit on Kizer. can't that even be reviewed. sure looked like the defensive played dove leading his helmet that hit a sliding Kizer. announcers don't even talk about it.


    Another bs non call that ahould have been reviewed

  4. Was smythe near crossing the goal line on his fumble? I was at the game and we all thought he might have had a chance he crossed first. Either way, that was an awesome awesome game to be at. Jarron Jones was an absolute monster, and there were definitely a shiz ton of canes fans there. Lots of them complete d!ckheads.

  5. Anyone else eatching the nc st clemson game? Last weeks game aside, nc st looks alot better than i thought they were. Killing themselves with penalties or theres a good chance they're up a couple scores right now instead of a 3-3 tie

  6. He was 20 yards from me throughout the game. It required all of my restraint to keep me from jumping the wall and ripping his underoos over his head....


    My god i would have loved to see this. I was a bk supporter until this year. F*ck this guy he's been outcoached in every single game

  7. I agree Williams is faster than Foslton, but not to your level of hyperbole, However, tt still would have been a 10 yard loss vs a good defense. Only against these types of terrible, high school like defenses does that kind of freelancing work.


    You got me on that, but dexter has still lookd 100 times better than folston this year. He does not look the same after his acl tear

  8. Yes, and in Folston's defense, Dexter would have taken a 10 yard loss against a better defense.


    Wonder what Folston did to get in Kelly's doghouse though. He normally doesn't totally shut down seniors. Maybe he's injured.


    Dexters speed compared to folston is like watching a cheetah run down a giraffe with 2 broken legs

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