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  1. If you honestlt think saban or meyer are coming to nd i want whatever drug you're on. ND is no longer a dream job whether a delusional fan base wants to admit it or not. Fleck would be their best option. Young, high energy, gets kids fired up, etc. They are not getting an already proven championship coach
  2. Another bs non call that ahould have been reviewed
  3. Tight ends with some catches today? Who is this team?
  4. Was smythe near crossing the goal line on his fumble? I was at the game and we all thought he might have had a chance he crossed first. Either way, that was an awesome awesome game to be at. Jarron Jones was an absolute monster, and there were definitely a shiz ton of canes fans there. Lots of them complete d!ckheads.
  5. Miami is this weekend, let them embarass before we think about usc in 5 weeks or whatever it is
  6. 100% agree. Im happy to be wrong about him
  7. I was way down on folston. This is thr best hes looked all year. Hopefully i stand corrected
  8. Anyone else eatching the nc st clemson game? Last weeks game aside, nc st looks alot better than i thought they were. Killing themselves with penalties or theres a good chance they're up a couple scores right now instead of a 3-3 tie
  9. This is awesome...just a great story and a great share for a really good dude
  10. My god i would have loved to see this. I was a bk supporter until this year. F*ck this guy he's been outcoached in every single game
  11. F*ck bk. Fire his bs terrible coaching stupid f*cking a $$
  12. I've given up yelling and have just resorted to non stop head shaking
  13. Im pretty sure bk is trying to get fired. No coach can possibly be this stubborn amd dumb, right?
  14. Agree with this, but on the other hand: THIS IS THR WORST PLAY CALLING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I'm all in on the fire bk bandwagon.
  15. You got me on that, but dexter has still lookd 100 times better than folston this year. He does not look the same after his acl tear
  16. Yeah if theres a question about that bring up folstons run against tx where he gets run down and then watch dexter out run the entire syracuse defense by 10 yards
  17. Dexters speed compared to folston is like watching a cheetah run down a giraffe with 2 broken legs
  18. Do you mean folston and dexter are the same player? If you are thats not evem close
  19. The defense doesnt look good, but i gotta say there is definitely a better energy with Hudson there
  20. Glad they scrapped folston carries to get dexter some more touches. One of the few bk decisions i applaud him for
  21. I see alot of Asmar Bilal out there. Jay Hayes too. At least bk has held on to that promise
  22. Got you now....yeah i thoughti remembered bk saying that whole zaire package was dumped
  23. Why would you take Kizer out? The offense is not the problem here
  24. Wow, just wow. This d is going to kill me today
  25. Was on the fence before, but fire bk and the entire staff. Done with them.
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