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  1. Ahhhh Lafayette. That makes more sense than Louisiana.


    It makes me feel better to see Harbaugh struggle with red zone offense like BK.


    Also, for as bad as we wanted Ty Isaac, he looks weak as hell.


    Agree is Isaac. I remember that recruitment and wanting him. Didn't he flame out at USC first?

  2. A bit disappointed but it could be worse. They're reading the screen plays like a champ, very little being called across the middle or downfield. I expect to see more passes to the TEs. You've got the horses so use them.


    I did expect a wee bit more out of the lines but Georgia ain't Temple.


    Yup, they're spying wimbush and it's blowing up the screen game

  3. Yeah well said I'm looking forward to see how they at least match up with Georgia's athletes. But for yesterday I can honestly say I can't remember the last time ND went into a game where they knew they were the physically more dominant team and had their way. That's what ND should do with the temples of the world

  4. Not impressed much with our Defense. Good offenses will steamroll us. Better than last year but that isn't saying much.


    The offense has looked solid. I don't think Temple has a great D but our O has been dominating overall. I would still like to see us run the ball more and pound them.


    Good start overall but I'm not seeing a defense that will produce more than 7-8 wins.


    Yup, sticking by my prediction of 8-5/9-4. It's what the typical season is here anymore.

  5. Man our DB's looked slow and weak in that one on one tackling drill vs the WR's. I know that's a tough drill but if that is a sign of what's to come this year we are in trouble on defense.


    100% agree there. Nico Fertitta looks like the only one willing to hit

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