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  1. Yup, too bad a bs call in a close hard fought game turns it like that. But time to nut up
  2. I'm really happy with the secondary today
  3. Anytime they can get a first down that tempo seems to be useful and backs Georgia up a little. Gotta capitalize though. Yoon is money tonight
  4. On that same regard, o line is getting destroyed today
  5. Yup, they're spying wimbush and it's blowing up the screen game
  6. Elko, good play calling today. Coney has impressed me more than anyone on D today
  7. Yeah well said I'm looking forward to see how they at least match up with Georgia's athletes. But for yesterday I can honestly say I can't remember the last time ND went into a game where they knew they were the physically more dominant team and had their way. That's what ND should do with the temples of the world
  8. God damn yes. Step on someone's throats sometime!
  9. Daelin Hayes is everywhere today. Every bit as advertised during the preseason
  10. Tackling still looks like it leaves something to be desired outside of Nyles Morgan
  11. One catch I think? But yeah thought I'd see him more too
  12. Also, not too impressed with Studstill today
  13. Slowly step off the ledge. TE's have their imprint all over this game man
  14. Every time Dexter is in the game he makes plays. Why the f!uck does he not play more!!???
  15. Really need to get some point here on offense. Happy with the run game today though
  16. Yup, sticking by my prediction of 8-5/9-4. It's what the typical season is here anymore.
  17. I want to be optimistic, but i think I've gotten too used to seeing the usual year in and year out. I'll go with 8-5, which seems to be the norm under Kelly with the random outlier on the good or bad side.
  18. Can anyone post the pictures here? Firewalls here at work won't let me on the twitter machine.
  19. Looks like navy uniforms maybe? Glad to see they're going to keep one game for an alternate jersey. It sounds insignificant and dumb, but the reality is that kids these days pay attention to this kind of stuff. The blue hairs may not like it, but get with the times.
  20. 100% agree there. Nico Fertitta looks like the only one willing to hit
  21. Hahahahaha this is now my favorite response ever
  22. I wish the football stadium would get that rowdy. Crowd was awesome tonight
  23. Yeah just saw that...anyone have any insight into this?
  24. You do realize that pitt has been one of the best home court teams in all of basketball, right? It's an extremely tought place to go in and get a win, especially a conference win in the best bball conferencein the country. This was a good win. No doubt about it.
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