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  1. I have to admit one thing. That 5 dollar dollar general chain Miami wears had brought them confidence. Defense is about confidence, playing loose and fast. Maybe ND should try something of their own. A pot of gold plated bars. (Insert your own funny prop)


    A bag of oversized dildos to shove up BK’s ahole

  2. I'm not seeing that. I think how great Wood and Riddick were has faded from your mind a bit. Cam and Will Mahone were useful, too.


    I live in terror of Josh going down.


    To each his own. ND is running over 300 yards a game right now. Adams/healthy Dex/Jones/McIntosh. I’ll take them over 2012 7 days a week

  3. I'm not so sure about being concerned we're breaking off huge runs for td's. At the same time ND is also 22 for 22 in red zone scoring with 20 of them being touchdowns. Perhaps if red zone scoring was a problem I could see the concern but they're scoring from all over the field

  4. I think our rotation of Tranquill, Bilal, Coney, Morgan and Martini gives us one of the better linebacker units as well.


    Tranquill looks really good too, I just hope he comes back next year and doesn't leave for the NFL.


    I think him, Coney, and Crawford are our best players this year. That rover position was made for a guy like him

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