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  1. Hot and cold start right now. Happy with the D, not so much special teams. Offense needs to find their groove, can’t keep going 10 yards and losing on the next 2
  2. To each his own. ND is running over 300 yards a game right now. Adams/healthy Dex/Jones/McIntosh. I’ll take them over 2012 7 days a week
  3. I would take 2012’s TE group, but this RB group is light years better. This is a game they need to keep the pedal to the metal. Run this up and don’t even second guess it
  4. I think it’s safe to say book can throw it for sure
  5. Better to rest him with the bye coming and usc. But hoping book runs the offense well today
  6. I'm not so sure about being concerned we're breaking off huge runs for td's. At the same time ND is also 22 for 22 in red zone scoring with 20 of them being touchdowns. Perhaps if red zone scoring was a problem I could see the concern but they're scoring from all over the field
  7. Yeah couldn't agree more. That was the first game I really noticed him making a difference on the field. Kelly had some good remarks about him in his presser today tzoo
  8. I think him, Coney, and Crawford are our best players this year. That rover position was made for a guy like him
  9. Really really good first half. Defense has turned up to play, wimbush has been able to throw a little. Really need to step on the gas and throttle them given the chance
  10. Wouldn't be a msu game without them pulling a bunch of bs trick plays
  11. Hahahahaha....how dumb must that dude feel for that fumble. Shaun Crawford is a turnover machine
  12. Also, D'antonio's guy telling him to challenge that td should be out of a job
  13. Dexter in the game, finishes a drive with yet another td. JUST GET HIM THE BALL MORE THAN 6 TIMES IN THE 4th QUARTER
  14. Ridiculous. Since when are you allowed to jump over a player and spear a qb on the ground and not even have it reviewed
  15. How do you let a qb sneak do that??????
  16. Great great play by Love. Helluva start
  17. Cal giving usc a game right now, Purdue giving bitchigan a game. Let's see how this plays out
  18. Sorry but this oline has not lived up to their potential. Biggest disappointment for me this year alone with dexter
  19. Agree is Isaac. I remember that recruitment and wanting him. Didn't he flame out at USC first?
  20. Now is the time to bear down and get in the end zone I couldn't agree more about the tackling. Sure handed, good tackling these first couple games
  21. I've never seen so many facemask penalties from one team in my lofe
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