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  1. As an IU fan myself, their offense will be able to put up points, but IU cannot stop anyone... Their defense will fail them in the end.


    Probably a good matchup for IU then. Michigan’s offense doesn’t scare me at all.

  2. BW ran his first designed run in the second half. Chip Long made it a point to not run BW and make him pass. This is a glorified scrimmage and BW looks terrible, like he did in August practices. If there is no threat he will run, then he is not an effective QB at all.


    Absolutely spot on. There’s 12 minutes left in a close game and they’re going to keep handing it off up he middle now? WTF

  3. I completely agree with you. There are a ton of people on this board defending BW and acting like it's on the O-line. BW is taking an eternity to make his reads. Also, when he does actually hit a wide open receiver the ball is behind the route so they they have to stop.


    BW is a terrible passer/decision maker guys. He can be a dynamic player with his feet, but when teams figure out he can't through, that has little value. Ball State has figured that out... he has -16 rush yards so far today.


    BW hasn’t been good. Add that to his horrible oline play and it’s been a terrible game all around. His legs are what makes him a threat back there and there’s been 2 qb called runs today? I don’t understand it

  4. ND has its issues and need to show improvement, but michigans d got absolutely gashed last year by the few offenses they played that weren’t among the worst in football. I think their d coordinator don brown is going to have them prepared though from his experience playing ND with boston college

  5. ND always loses this game 100% of the time, I mean what gives?


    Hahahaha this quote reminds me of the time my buddy convinced me to come up to blue white weekend at pedo state. I wore my ND jersey all weekend and averaged probably a minimum of a dozen threats per hour. I was also 22 at the time and did quite a bit of drinking from the time I woke up until the time I passed out. During the blue white game, every time people cheered I kept telling them penn st was losing I’m not sure why they’re cheering.

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